10 Helpful Tips For Moving In The Rain

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10 Helpful Tips For Moving In The Rain

Jun 24, 2022

Finalising the moving date is one of the crucial steps to avoid delays and mismanagement. However, your well-planned move may turn into turmoil due to the heavy rain.

The unpredictable weather is not in your hands. So, it is always good to check the weather forecast to prepare accordingly. If you want to protect your household belongings and packed boxes from the rain, hire a company specialising in quality removalists Sydney. They bring a moving truck and load your belongings using all the preventive measures during the rainy day.

You can also follow these 10 helpful tips for moving in the rain and keep your precious possessions dry throughout the process.

Let’s Get Started!

1. Check the Weather Report

Do not forget to check the weather report around 5-6 days before your moving day. Although you can’t trust unpredictable weather, it is one of the ideal ways to prepare for the rain.

A precise weather forecast will help you plan your moving items and other delicate belongings for the bad weather in which you are relocating and give you enough time to prepare accordingly.

Make sure you do not entirely trust forecasts, as they can change faster than anything. If a sunny sky is mentioned in a report a week prior to your move, double-check it again.

2. Wrap Your Belongings Completely

People usually use moving blankets to protect their delicate items and large furniture. Of course, these add extra cushions and protect your items from scratches, but blankets are not waterproof. You can’t only use blankets on a rainy day. It is important to pack your items in plastic wrap or stretch wrap and secure it with tape.

This will protect them against even the heavy rain. You can also wrap using garbage bags for bigger or large-sized items.

You can also hire trained removalists Sydney for quality packing of your valuable items. They will bring high-quality, waterproof packing materials to give you peace of mind.

3. Create a Loading and Unloading Strategy

Try to reduce the time that your boxes and precious possessions are exposed to the rain during the loading and unloading process. It is good to have a pretty sorted plan for how you will load large boxes and furniture pieces into the moving truck. Create the same strategy while unloading.

According to professional movers in NSW, it is ideal to put the large and heavy items at the back, close to the driver’s cabin. Load the light and small belongings last so you can equip the middle and front part of the truck.

Taking small steps and planning a little can help you avoid last-minute chaos and protect your items from getting wet.

4. Lining Pack Boxes

This is one of the best hacks you should consider when moving on a rainy day. Use garbage bags to line the corrugated boxes from the inside. After that, pack all your items n the bag and secure the bag using tape.  Use step-by-step guide when packing your clothes when moving. Make sure you use garbage bags to wrap your clothing.

This way, you can protect your items from the rain even if your boxes get wet.

5. Keep Your Floors Protected

Rainy weather leads to a mess due to water and mud n the floors. This can be dangerous if you are lifting large boxes and heavy items. You can put a few old towels on each doorway to prevent your floors from getting damaged.

6. Organise your Boxes

Avoid the trails of muddy footprints inside and out of your home while preparing for your move. You can avoid this by putting all your packed items and boxes either in a garage or the front hall. Try to put everything close to the truck but under the shelter.

Make sure you protect doors and door frames while carrying large furniture pieces to prevent scratches.

7. Put a Temporary Cover

Use a gazebo to cover the distance from the door to the vehicle if it rains outside. After shortening the carrying distance, you can set up a temporary cover to prevent your belongings from the rain. This is one of the best hacks that will keep your items protected.

8. Line the Truck Bed

Pay attention to the puddles that may occur when your items are inside the truck. To control this problem, it is good to line the moving truck bed using flat cardboard boxes. This will soak up drops from boxes and items.

You can also prevent your delicate items by packing them in traps. This way, you can protect your items from getting damaged during relocation.

9. Prioritise Your Own Safety

Apart from taking care of your expensive and delicate items, make sure you prevent yourself from injuries and other safety lapses. Rain on a moving day means inviting accidents like slipping when carrying a heavy box. In order to avoid injuries, such as spinal cord injuries, do not forget to place traps, old mats and unfolded cardboard on the floor.

If you are hiring an experienced moving company in Sydney, they will take care of everything without giving you a hint of stress. Also, use moving equipment, such as a furniture dolly, etc. This will make your work easier.

10. Dry Boxes when you load them

What if your boxes or furniture get a bit wet while loading them onto the truck? Immediately wipe wet boxes down using a dry cloth or rag. This will prevent water from seeping through the box.


Moving on a rainy day can be tricky and risky. However, the tips mentioned above in the article will make your work easier. You can also hire good removalists Sydney for the utmost safety of your belongings.