10 Moving Day Fails And Why You Should Hire Pros

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10 Moving Day Fails And Why You Should Hire Pros

May 27, 2024

Nothing is more frustrating than dealing with one disaster after another on the final moving day. Potential moving day failures can turn your journey into a nightmare, ranging from misplaced boxes to broken fragile items or a late truck arrival.

Overlooking small steps in house relocation preparation can lead to chaos. The worst part is that you can’t do much as you are already heading towards the end of your process.

However, hiring seasoned Removalists Sydney ensures the utmost safety of your belongings throughout the process. They gauge the potential challenges and create a tailor-made house moving timeline to transit your precious possessions without causing any damage or delay.

If you are relocating home for the first time, have a look at these 10 moving day fails and understand the importance of hiring professionals. This guide will give you clarity and help you avoid silly mistakes.

Let’s Get Started!

1. Forcing Bulky Items Through Doorways

Are you forcing a large couch or a big television through the door frame on a moving day? This is considered one of the biggest fails that can damage your precious belongings and your property, especially hallways and doorways.

If you hire pros, they will measure your bulky household items and doorways and create a customised route to pass through large pieces without leaving scratches or serious damages behind.

What’s best? They will assess and disassemble the furniture, removing legs, glass tops, and other parts to navigate tight spaces safely and efficiently.

2. Damaged Fragile Belongings and Furniture

DIY moves may involve potential risks on the final day. One of them is seeing your valuable items getting damaged due to poor handling or improper packing. Navigating large boxes and belongings through staircases, tight areas, or slippery floors can lead to breakage, especially fragile items. Plus, people don’t know the right hacks to lift and load delicate pieces, leading to further damage.

However, budget Removalists Sydney use a double-layer method to pack delicate items, dismantle large pieces, and use extra cushioning to keep items intact during lifting, shifting, loading, and unloading.

3. Misplaced Important Documents

woman searching for something inside of a box

Home relocation is already a stressful undertakes, and struggling to find important documents can add a new level of mess. You may need moving paperwork, proof of address, insurance papers or a rental agreement before moving out of the property. Misplacing them can cause much more than a delay. You may miss deadlines or even end up with penalties. In short, missing crucial papers and documents can make your productive moving day stressful.

Make sure you collect all documents, such as birth certificates, passports, address proof, moving papers, etc., in a single folder and label them. Keep this folder with you in your personal vehicle or bag.

4. Broken Moving Boxes Due to Overstuffing

If you overstuff cardboard boxes, they can implode, tear, or collapse, damaging your most loved possessions, especially fragile items. Plus, bulky boxes are difficult to lift and load onto the truck. So, it is good to pack your items smartly without overstuffing.

If you don’t know how to get started, hire a professional moving company that can bring different sizes of boxes for your household belongings. They understand the specific weight limitations when packing up your items. According to experts, standard boxes can hold up to 40-50 pounds. So, they distribute weight evenly to prevent failures and disasters.

5. Potential Personal Injuries Due to Poor Lifting Techniques

Lifting heavy items or poor techniques can cause serious injuries, such as muscle pulls and tears, joint pains, and even fractures. These injuries can be painful and affect your entire moving process.

Thus, it is good to hire budget Removalists Sydney because they bring all the necessary equipment, such as a moving dolly, furniture straps, and follow the right lifting techniques to prevent moving-day injuries.

6. Mislabelled Boxes

There is no denying that mislabelled moving boxes lead to frustration, especially if you urgently need any specific stuff on a moving day. In fact, the unpacking process becomes chaotic if you don’t label all your boxes correctly. You may spend hours finding important items, wasting time and energy.

On the other hand, professionals carefully label all boxes with relevant names. They write ‘Fragile items’ if delicate items like glassware, crockery and lamps are packed in a particular box. This will streamline the entire process.

7. Lack of Space in the Moving Vehicle/Overloading

Choosing a small-sized moving truck or packing unnecessary household items can be a potential moving day fail. Overloading the items can pose a risk of items getting broken or crushed. Fragile items and furniture, such as a large couch need breathing space while in transit.

Believe it or not, exceeding the weight limit can affect braking, handling, and stability, increasing the risk of serious accidents.

So, it is good to pack only necessary household items and hire the right-sized moving vehicle. Professionals thoroughly inspect your items and bring the apt truck to ensure utmost protection.

8. The Lost Moving-Day Essential Box or Bag

Misplacing or forgetting to pack the moving-day essential box or a survival kit can make you anxious throughout the journey.

An essential box usually contains prescribed medications, a first-aid kit, an extra set of clothes, water bottles, pet and kid’s essentials, toiletries, and a couple of sheets to help you settle comfortably into a new home after a long and hectic moving day.

Make sure you pack your moving day essential kit in advance and keep it with you.

9. Fail to Make a Plan for Your Furry Friends

Are you forgetting about your pets when relocating home? Dogs are extremely sensitive as they thrive on the same routine and familiar surroundings. Moving can be a stressful experience for them as well. In the mess of moving, a pet can easily get hurt due to boxes and furniture on the floor. Plus, they are not allowed in the moving truck.

So, make sure you prepare a proper strategy to keep your pet safe when moving. Take them to the vet ahead of your moving day and cope with their behaviour. Also, create a safe zone for them before the arrival of moving experts on a moving day.

10. Last-Minute Cancellations or Delays

There is no denying that last-minute cancellations can ruin all your efforts on the final day. You might have booked time off work, lined up for utility services or arranged a pet or childcare service. A delay or cancellation can disrupt the entire schedule and leave you in a financial crunch.

Thus, you should do a proper research, find reliable removalists Sydney and ensure they arrive on time. This can help you avoid moving-day disasters.

Moving Day Fails And Why You Should Hire Pros:

Moving day fails that you should avoid

Wrapping Up

These 10 most common moving day fails can turn your experience into a chaotic situation. Make sure you create a proper moving checklist in advance and hire the most trusted moving company for packing and moving chores.