10 Moving Hacks For A Faster, Easier, And Stress-Free Move

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10 Moving Hacks For A Faster, Easier, And Stress-Free Move

Oct 19, 2021 Moving into a new home is an exciting experience. However, getting all household belongings from one location to another can give you stress, and the safety of precious possessions should be your topmost priority. It is good to hire professional Sydney removalists for the packing and transition of valuable items. Make sure you do thorough research and find the right company within your estimated budget. Consider the 10 moving hacks shared below to ensure a faster, easier, and stress-free experience if you are doing it yourself. The following tips will give you peace of mind throughout the home relocation journey. Let’s Get Started!

1. Create a Moving Checklist

Before getting into the actual process, it is good to write down all the tasks related to your home relocation. From arranging packing materials to booking the right removalists, mention everything along with the timeline to simply the process. This will help you relocate your home or office safely and hassle-free. Also, prepare a moving budget to track all your expenses and help you make right decisions depending on your specific needs.

2. De-clutter your Belongings

No need to pack things that you no longer need. You can check every nook and corner of your home, cabinets, cupboards and shelves so that you can de-clutter your belongings. Make a list of items into different categories: Keep: Items that you want in your new home. Donate: household belongings you no longer need but are in good condition. Sale: items that are in working condition but you don’t need Toss: expired, broken or damaged items. By doing this, you will save time, money and energy while packing and moving your home.

3. Transfer All Utilities

It is ideal to schedule a transfer of all utility services a month before the final moving day. Update your new address with the post office and utility service providers, including electricity, water, internet, phone, gas, etc.

4. Arrange Packing Supplies

Ask your local grocery store or liquor shop for spare boxes instead of spending money on new ones. Also, arrange other necessary supplies, such as packing paper, packing tape, bubble wrap, mattress protectors, permanent markers, colour codes, etc. You can also use old socks, towels, blankets, egg crates and other waste materials to protect your belongings during the lifting and loading process.

5. Don’t Stack Delicate Plates

Make sure you pack plates vertically to prevent the breakage during the lifting process. Also, pack wine glasses in specialised boxes upside down to put the pressure on the large runs rather than delicate stems. If you want professionals to pack your fragile household belongings, look for the best moving company in Sydney that offers high-quality packing service at the best price.

6. Labelling is Important

Do not forget to label all your packed boxes to organise your post moving process. This will help you know the contents of each box when you are lifting and loading all your belongings. It is good to write relevant names on the boxes. For example, write ‘ Fragile Items’ if you packed fragile belongings in a particular box.

7. Use Appropriate Moving Equipment

A DIY move always brings stress, hurdles and personal injuries. If you want to ensure a safe and sound home relocation, then use the right moving equipments to lift heavy belongings and furniture without professional assistance. Rent a moving dolly to avoid the risks of back pains and damaged items. Furniture sliders are also effective that can help you slide heavy furniture across the room with less effort and floor damage. You can also hire furniture removalists in Sydney to protecting your expensive sofas, pianos and other furniture pieces.

8. Use Right Lifting Techniques

It is good to lift heavy boxes using the right lifting techniques. Ask your friends to assist you in the process and follow these lifting techniques to prevent personal injuries: • Keep your back straight and lift the heavy boxes by bending your knees instead of your back. • Get a firm grip by wearing quality gloves. • Keep heavy objects in the middle of your body i.e close to your waist to gain stability. • Do not twist your back. Move your feet together while carrying belongings.

9. Pack a Moving Day Kit

Do not forget to pack moving day essentials in a separate bag so that you can keep it along with you. This should include first aid box, toiletries, phone chargers, a pair of clothes, toys for your kids and pets, food, water bottles, hand sanitisers, paper towel, trash bags and cleaning supplies.

10. Eat Healthy and Stay Relaxed

Eating healthy, proper hydration and a relaxed mind are crucial aspects that can help you ensure a safe, sound and stress-free move. So, make you include proteins and good carbs in your diet. Also, drink plenty of water and have a good sleep to stay fresh on your final moving day. This will save you from silly mistakes and other moving chaos.


A proper planning is what you need while preparing for your home relocation. Follow the tasks according to your customised checklist and stay on track throughout the process. The tips mentioned above in the article will make your work a lot easier. If you want to experience a seamless move, then hire the best removalists in Sydney, and they will transit your belonging safely to the new location.