10 Tips for Moving from a Small Town to a Big City

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10 Tips for Moving from a Small Town to a Big City

Nov 22, 2023
The number of people shifting from small towns and suburbs to big cities like Sydney has increased in the past few years. These metropolitan cities boast high-end amenities, better job opportunities, top-notch education systems, healthcare facilities, diverse cultural scenes and much more. In 2021-2022, the total migration rate from small towns to Sydney was 10.3 per 1,000 people. This number has been increasing with the continuous development of infrastructural facilities, residential properties, skyscrapers and economic growth. Whether you are moving for a new job or want a better lifestyle, do proper research about a big city, such as cost of living, rental yields, property prices, best locations and much more. Since moving from a regional area to a metropolitan city brings a lot of physiological and financial challenges, consider the following tips to ensure a safe and sound relocation process. It is good to prep everything in advance for a streamlined journey. Let’s Get Started!

1. Research About the City

Choosing the potential city for home relocation depends on various factors. From lifestyle preferences to career prospects, amenities and attractions to proximity to family, you must take care of everything when making the final decision. So, it is good to properly research the city and look into areas or neighbourhoods where you can easily find a dream house within your estimated budget. If you are moving with a family, you will want to discover more about good schools, healthcare facilities and other aspects. So do it everything before you book removalists Sydney for your beloved possessions. Fact: Sydney is the most expensive city in Australia.

2. Create an Estimated Budget

The cost of living in Sydney is much higher than in small towns. It can burden you financially if you don’t create a proper budget for your upcoming relocation. It is good to track your potential expenses and ensure you can afford a better lifestyle in a new place. Whether moving alone or with a family, make sure you consider the following things when creating a budget:
  • Rent
  • Transportation
  • Entertainment
  • Food
  • Leisure Activities, etc

  • Fun fact: A person’s average living cost in Sydney is approximately $2,800/month, while a family of four may need to spend around $5,600 per month.

    3. Find a Desirable Job Before Moving

    Securing a job in a desired industry is crucial when moving from a small town to a big city. As mentioned above, the cost of living in the capital of NSW is higher, and you may need to find a job with a higher income. So, build connections through LinkedIn and other reliable websites or contact like-minded people to find good employment options in the new city. Having a job before relocation helps you manage your financial burden. You can even get reimbursement for moving expenses if your new employer offers you a relocation package. Fun Fact: In 2021, around 37.3 per cent of employed people in the capital of NSW relocated to the city for jobs.

    4. Find A Suitable House

    After finding a dream job, start looking for a place to live. It can be difficult to navigate the residential property market in big cities like Sydney. So, it is good to consider key factors, such as location, preferred property size, prices, nearby amenities, etc, when searching a new home. Here are some of the best inner-city suburbs to look for:
  • Newtown: Just four kilometres south-west of the CBD, this suburb boasts of all key amenities.
  • Surry Hills: It is also located close to the CBD and offers great housing options.
  • Darlinghurst: It is a beautiful inner-city suburb that is home to the best schools and entertainment hubs.

  • Fun Fact: The median price for a three-bedroom, 2-bathroom house in Sydney was $1,590,000.

    5. Know Everything about Transportation

    There is no denying that big cities have a proper public transportation system. Make sure you discover everything about it, especially if you are a working professional. This will assist you in getting around without having to worry about your personal vehicle. Explore the trams, ferry rides and subway lines before making the final decision.

    6. De-clutter Your Belongings

    Moving from one place to another can bring a lot of stress. It is good to get rid of household items you no longer need especially if you are moving to a smaller apartment. Inspect all your rooms, storage units, closets and cupboards and get rid of unwanted items to reduce your moving stress and expenses. You can donate old furniture to the local charity or organise a garage sale to earn extra dollars.

    7. Book a Reliable Moving Company Early

    Whether you are moving to a smaller house or a spacious one, it is good to book professional removalists Sydney in advance for the utmost safety of your beloved possessions. It is good to search for a company that specialises in a local move and can transit your large furniture pieces with precision. You can ask your friends and relatives for genuine recommendations or search online. Consider previous customer reviews, ask relevant questions and compare quotes before making the final decision.

    8. Start the Packing Process As Early As Possible

    Less is more when moving to a big city because the residential properties are smaller as compared to small towns. So, make a list of items you want to relocate and start the process with non-essential items and seasonal clothing. Use quality packing materials, such as packing boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap and blankets for fragile items.

    9. Make Your Mind For Cultural Shock

    Most people leave big cities within a few months of house move because of fast-paced lifestyle. If you have decided to relocate, be ready for a cultural shock. There will be a lot more people, noise and diversity in a metropolitan place. Start meeting people online and contact your relatives who are already living in the same location.

    10. Involve in Your Community

    You can make new friends and get familiar with a new place by getting involved in a new community. You can join a club, attend local events and volunteer in different cultural programs. It is also good to organise a housewarming party after relocation to get to know your neighbours.

    Wrapping Up

    Moving to a big city from a small town can be emotionally, culturally, financially and physically challenging for many people. However, this transition can bring many new opportunities and a better lifestyle. Make sure you consider the tips mentioned above and create a seamless moving experience.