10 Tips To Help The Elderly Manage Anxiety During House Move

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10 Tips To Help The Elderly Manage Anxiety During House Move

Nov 10, 2022 Relocation is difficult and overwhelming for most people, even under the best circumstances. So one can imagine how challenging it can be for senior citizens to leave behind a home full of happy memories. The moving process is not only physically exhausting for them but also a reason for sorrow and sadness. That is why it is important to accompany the elders during a move. If your parents or any senior family members are moving, then you need to make proper plans and help them with various aspects of the move. The best possible way to relocate seniors is by hiring professional removalists in Sydney. The experts pack and load everything safely that allow the elders to stay calm and prevent any serious injuries. There are many more ways to help seniors to deal with the stress of moving, and you should know all of them. Here are some useful tips to help the elderly manage anxiety during the house move.

1. Talk to Them

The first thing you need to do is to talk to the elders and understand what they are going through. Leaving behind a place where they spent decades can be heart-breaking. So, spend some time with them and discuss what the place can offer them. Just listening to them can be a great relief for them, and that can help them to prepare for the move mentally.

2. Choose the Right Home

Whether the elders are moving into an apartment, a smaller house or a senior living community, it is important that they get all the facilities and the place is safe for them. So, before moving, know important things like which floor the house is, whether there is a garden, find out about meal preparation, laundry, social activities and other such things. Choosing the right home will make their life a lot easier.

3. Show them the New Place

The fear of the unknown is what makes a person anxious when it comes to moving. So, take them to the new place if it is possible. Otherwise, show them the online pictures and videos about the place and explain everything in detail. The more they will know about the place, the less they will feel insecure about the place and thus, they will not get anxious. It is one of the best ways to make moving less stressful.

4. Start Downsizing

No matter what your age is, decluttering your house before packing things is always beneficial. It is particularly important when elders are moving because the lesser items they will have, the easier it will be for them to manage. So help them to prepare a list of all the items that they do not use and get rid of them. Organise a garage sale to sell the things or contact a nearby NGO to donate.

5. Get Involved In the Packing

Tracking is the most challenging task when it comes to relocation. Therefore you must help the elders to pack their things. From kitchenware, silverware, and appliances to electronics, documents, clothes and furniture, there are several things to pack. So, help them to pack everything safely and in a systematic manner. If you are busy, contact a professional removalists Sydney, NSW and opt for their packing service.

6. Prepare a Checklist for Elders

Relocation is one of the most stressful events that a person can come across. There are so many things to take care of, so elders are most likely to get confused, and that can make the process even more complicated. Therefore you should help the seniors to prepare a home moving checklist that will include all the important tasks. The list will ensure that they do not overlook anything important and carry out the entire process smoothly.

7. Maintain Their Routine

One of the main reasons why elders get anxious during the relocation is due to the disturbance in their routine. Therefore it is important that the have their meals on time and get enough sleep. Also, they should do meditation and some exercise dusty in perfect shape.

8. Consult a Doctor

If any elder is suffering from any chronic health issues or is on medication, then it is advisable to consult the doctor before relocation. Otherwise, things can quickly get worse. The doctor can perform some tests and provide appropriate medicines that can help the seniors during and after the relocation.

9. Pack Moving Day Kit

Packing a moving day kit for seniors is always important. It must have all the essentials that the elders may require during the transportation and immediately after the move. It includes medicines, extra pairs of clothes, important documents, toiletries, chargers, snacks, water, towel, etc.

11. Keep Them Safe on the Moving Day

The last thing you want is for the elders to get injured on a moving day. The loading of heavy appliances and furniture can be very risky and can cause severe injury. So, make sure they do not participate in the loading of belongings and take rest in a separate room.

Take Away

Helping the elderly manage anxiety during a house move can be difficult for you if you are doing it for the first time or have a hectic schedule. However, you can minimise their stress level and make things easier for yourself by following the tips mentioned above. Do not forget to hire trained removalists in Sydney.