10 Ways To Make Your Move Eco-Friendly

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10 Ways To Make Your Move Eco-Friendly

Aug 23, 2021

A million tonnes of packaging materials end up in the Australian landfill every year. And a significant amount of that trash consists of cardboard boxes, packing papers, tapes, stretch wraps, bubble wraps, etc., which are common during relocation.

In other words, the relocation process also causes pollution. Therefore, when you are making plans to sort and pack your things, clean the property and transport your valuables, also pay attention to your approach. Ask yourself whether you are making enough efforts to carry out an eco-friendly move.

If you are planning to hire professional removalists in Sydney, then make sure that the company follows an eco-friendly approach. All reputed moving companies understand the significance of protecting the environment, and thus they make efforts to accomplish a sustainable move. Apart from hiring professionals, there are many more things that you need to do.

Here are 10 ways to make your move eco-friendly.

1. Declutter Your Home

The first thing you need to do is get rid of all the items you do not use anymore and stuff you will not require in your new home. Organise a garage sale and sell all the unwanted stuff. The fewer items you have, the lesser packing materials will be used. Moreover, it will help you avoid unnecessary back and forth trips of the moving truck, which means less fuel burning.

2. Donate Your Things Instead of Wasting

If you are unable to sell anything and also don’t want to take it with you to the new home, consider donating your stuff. Tossing them into the garbage or leaving them behind will be a bigger problem rather than a solution. So, contact a nearby NGO in your area let them inform that you want to donate some of your things.

3. Use Reusable Plastic Containers

Instead of using cardboard boxes that usually end up in the landfill, opt for plastic bins and boxes. These plastic containers are very sturdy that keep your valuables safe during loading, transportation and also bad weather. You can rent them from a nearby store, and after completing the move, you can return them back. These boxes are ideal for moving heavy items like book collections and heavy tools.

4. Use Recycled Moving Boxes

If you want to use cardboard boxes, then look for boxes that are already used. You can contact your neighbours, friends, family, colleagues, etc., and even visit a nearby recycling centre. Also, visit a liquor store or grocery store in your area to get the boxes. Cardboard boxes can be used several times before discarding in the right way. It is also a cost-effective way to relocate.

5. Move Your House Plants

Another great way to make sure that you accomplish an eco-friendly move is by moving your indoor and outdoor plants with you. Moving house plant to your new home is not as difficult as it seems. All you need to do is to follow some particular methods. If you have any confusion, then you can also take of the experienced removalists in Sydney.

6. Use Blankets and Other Soft Objects

Packing supplies such as stretch wraps, bubble wraps, packing papers, tapes, etc., are not only costly but also end up in the garbage after the relocation is complete. To avoid this wastage and save your money, you can use things like your old blankets, towels, t-shirts, curtains and other similar things. These things will also protect your delicate items perfectly.

7. Use Containers You May Already Have

If you have travel bags and suitcases in your home, it is advisable to use them when packing your things. These containers can store more things than you can expect. If required, you can rent suitcases or large size travel bags from your family and friends. It will reduce the number of cardboard boxes a lot.

8. Hire Movers Who Care About the Environment

Perhaps the best way to relocate in a stress-free and hassle-free manner is by hiring the best Sydney removalists. However, before you finalise any company, research properly and preference those organisations that offer eco-friendly solutions. Read online reviews about the companies, get references, talk to their customer support to analyse them. In short, understand the market reputation of a company before hiring it.

9. Check the Moving Truck

If you are moving on your own, then you have to rent a moving truck. Before finalising a company, make sure that you thoroughly check the moving truck you will hire. The vehicle should be in good condition and must have all the essential paper include a pollution certificate. You should also determine the type of fuel that is used in the truck. Companies that are concerned about the environment have started using biodiesel fuel.

10. Dispose Chemicals in a Safe Way

When you dispose of things that you don’t want to take with you, pay special attention to the hazardous materials. Such things include acid, car battery, pesticide, paint, thinner, firecrackers, etc. Disposing of them without any planning can be very harmful to nature. Therefore, talk to the government officials so you can dispose of them without causing any harm to nature.

Final Thoughts

Eco-friendly relocation doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful if you make your plans correctly and focus on factors that cause wastage and pollution. So, whenever you decide to move, follow the ways mentioned above. To reduce the stress of relocation, contact a reliable removals company in Sydney that offers an eco-friendly solution. The professionals ensure the safety of your belongings throughout the process.