5 Important Costs To Include In Your Moving Budget

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5 Important Costs To Include In Your Moving Budget

Aug 17, 2018 The key to a successful move is planning. Whether you are relocating to the next street in Sydney or moving interstate, you have to create a plan to ensure the safety and security of your precious belongings. Besides this, also draft a moving budget to know the rough estimate of your move. If you fail in preparing your financial requirements, then you could end up with unexpected spending – that could take a toll on your pocket. But when you include all the important costs in your moving budget in the initial process, you can ensure that what’s coming next, which in turn helps you prepare accordingly. From hiring professional Furniture Removalists in Sydney to buying high-quality packing supplies, managing the cost of renting a truck to taking moving insurance, you have to plan everything to minimise the moving cost as much as possible. Here, we look at the five important costs that you should include in your moving budget for smooth and cost-efficient results. Jot down all the expenses on a piece of paper to get started with drafting your custom-made moving budget. Let’s Get Started!

1. Cost for Hiring Professional Removalists in Sydney

Moving out is one of those chores that came along with a lot of hard work. Whether you are relocating within Sydney or moving interstate, you need professional assistance that can assist you throughout the moving journey while taking care of your precious belongings with utmost responsibility. This means you need to search for the moving company in Sydney that can offer you affordable yet reliable relocation solutions. But for that, you need to prepare your moving budget and include the estimated cost of your move (provided by your movers) in it. This incorporates the cost of labour and fuel. However, the final cost may vary depending on the weight and size of belongings and the destination of your move; you can ask for a free quote to get a rough estimation. Tip: It is good to get free estimates from at least five different moving companies so that you can select the best rate.

2. Moving Insurance

Since moving valuable items such as piano, pool table, etc. from one location to another involves a lot of risks, make sure you take reliable moving insurance. This covers against the damage or loss of your belongings during the transit process – so never forget to include the cost of moving insurance in your budget. However, the problem is that most of the Sydney Removalists are not required to offer the coverage for your belongings during the transit (this is included in the Australian law as well). So, you need to arrange the insurance on your own for the safety of your entire moving process. Tip: You can ask for the public liability insurance, third-party insurance, motor vehicle insurance, fire, overturning and collision insurance from your shortlisted moving company.

3. Packing and Supply Costs

Though it is quite difficult to estimate the exact cost that will be required in packing household items, you can roughly add the cost when you are setting your moving budget. Also, make a list of packing materials you will need and how much of each in the planning phase. The packing materials you will likely need to add are:
  • Custom moving boxes
  • Packing paper
  • Packing tape
  • Bubble wraps
  • Plastic wraps
  • Mattress protector
  • Furniture protector
  • Markers and labels, etc.
Tip: Cut the cost by hiring a professional moving company that can offer you quality and custom-made packing solutions at a reasonable price. Apart from this, acquire free boxes to pack your linens, towels and other non-fragile items.

4. Cleaning the Old Property

Whether you are moving out of a rental property or your own house, cleaning is one of those tasks that you can’t overlook. It is recommended to hire a professional cleaning company in Sydney to ensure the job gets done within the estimated time. If you are running at the end of your tenancy period, then it is imperative to outsource an experienced cleaning firm that can help you get your full bond amount back. The best part about hiring professionals is that they can complete the job in just three to four hours that actually could take your three days – if you do it on your own. So, don’t forget to add the cleaning costs into your moving budget.

5. Multiple Real Estate Costs

One of the significant costs of moving that has nothing to do with the actual moving day is real estate costs. It needs to be included into your moving budget because it comprises of realtor and lawyer fees, rental deposits, house inspection, down payments, appraisal fees and first or last month’s rent – in case you are moving out from a rental property.


Make sure you make a rough draft of all these important costs while preparing your overall moving budget. This can help you stay organised and save both your time and money. In order to make your move a tension free affair, then hire experienced Sydney Removalists company that possesses a team of certified professionals, foolproof packing materials, proven techniques and new-age equipment. Hope you have a happy, cost-efficient and smooth removal journey!