5 Most Common Moving Mistakes to Avoid

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5 Most Common Moving Mistakes to Avoid

May 05, 2017

Moving can be a daunting task. However, with a bit of planning and perfect organisation, your move can be a walk in the park. Nonetheless, most people find themselves packing on the night before the big move due to their busy schedules; in such a case, people are bound to make major mistakes when packing and moving their household goods. In such a situation you can take help from experienced furniture removalists in Sydney or plan ahead of time to ensure that any mishaps are avoided altogether.

Here are five common moving mistakes you should avoid.

1. Last minute packing

Packing is the biggest hustle when you are planning to move.Packing needs to be done way in advance so as to get the most out of it. However, most people will find themselves postponing their packing until last minute. It is advisable that you start packing well before moving day comes along. Start by packing off-season items such as clothes. If you are in summer, you can start packing up the unneeded winter clothes.

As your moving day gets closer and you need help, enlist a group of friends or relatives to lend a hand. You could also consider hiring labourers to do the packing for you a small fee.

2. Failing to schedule your move

If you do not schedule your move well in advance, you run the risk of getting all the reputable moving companies fully booked. In the summer months, it is common to find most moving companies fully booked. Scheduling your move in advance will ensure that you secure the services of Better Removalists Sydney and this will save you any frustrations on your moving day. Also, if your moving interstate, do not forget to keep a track of the pre-arrival checklist to avoid any hassles.

3. Failing to de-clutter

This happens to us all. The more you stay in a home, the more clothes, toys, furniture and other things pile up, and before you know it, you have a full garage with items you have not used in years. Most people tend to forget to get rid of things they do not need before they start packing. Hence, such stuff may add to your moving expense since you will need to hire a bigger track.

A better approach would be to go through your entire household to set aside all those items you no longer use. You can donate these items to charities in Sydney or have a garage sale. Whatever you do, do not move them to your new home. This will not only reduce your moving expenses but will also save you a lot of time in packing and unpacking at your new home.

4. Choosing the wrong removalist

This is by far the largest cost of moving. Failing to do a thorough research on removals Sydney may be the biggest mistake most people do when moving. Most people fall prey to cheap removalists, Sydney, thinking that they are cutting cost. This may be the biggest mistake anyone would make when moving especially if you end up with damaged or lost items.

Doing some few types of research online or asking for referrals from your relatives, friends and neighbours will save you a lot of trouble and headache on moving day. Call as many moving companies as you can and then do thorough reference checks on each one of them to have a hassle free move relocation to your new house. The customer review will help guide you to know if the company is reliable and reasonably priced. Before settling on any of the Sydney removals companies, ask all the relevant questions to ensure that you are getting what you need. Some of the most basic questions include;

  • What are the moving estimate – Get the estimates in writing.
  • Are there any extra costs for services rendered?
  • Will insurance cover your things?

You need to get answers to these and many more questions before hiring.

5. Failing to plan for your furry friend

Most people forget that their pets have special needs during a move. Hence, they are left stranded with how to move them on the last day since they cannot be packed in a box and put into the truck. As you plan for the big move, make sure your pet’s tags, certifications and identifications are up to date. In case the move is long distance, be sure to speak to the vet about travel recommendations. Also, motion sickness medication may come in handy during the move.

Taking into consideration all moving details before your big move is crucial. Avoid all the moving mistakes mentioned above, and you get to enjoy a peaceful move. Better Removalists Sydney is a renowned removalist company that will ensure your move is successful, quick, and easy.