5 Simple Steps For Safely Moving Your Grill

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5 Simple Steps For Safely Moving Your Grill

Jun 11, 2021

A great backyard looks incomplete without a barbecue grill. It makes the cooking of healthy and delicious outdoor meals a lot easier. However, packing and moving it to your new home is one of the most challenging things when you are relocating.

Like any other home appliances, it is essential to pay more attention when moving your grill. Do proper planning and take sufficient time to move it in a correct manner. Even a single broken piece in your grill could easily make the entire thing useless, and it is no secret that replacing the grill can costly.

That is why the majority of the people either take the help of their friends/family or hire professional removalists in Sydney. The experts can get the job done in a perfect manner. Professionals have expertise in moving all kinds of complicated appliances like a grill, so they ensure that your prized possession remains safe throughout the procedure. Even if you are hiring experts to load and transport the grill, you need to pack it properly.

Read on to know more about 5 simple steps for safely moving your grill.

Step 1: Clean the Grill

Before you start packing your grill, you should always clean it thoroughly. It is important because you don’t want any grease, stuck-on food, char, or dirt to get transfer to other stuff during the transportation. Moreover, you want it ready to use after relocating to your new house.

If you want to clean it, you need to do it when it’s hot! So, turn the heat on for around 15 minutes and then turn it off. While the grill is warm, dip a grill brush into water and start scrubbing the racks. To prevent any burns, make sure your wear protective gloves while scrubbing. When it is cooled, use a rag to wipe off any remaining residue.

Step 2: Remove the Tank

Once you are done cleaning the racks, it is time to take out the heating elements. In case you use a charcoal grill, you should have removed it when you were cleaning the racks. It allows you to clean inside the cook chamber with ease. However, if you have a propane grill, this is the right time to remove it.

A propane tank is considered a harmful material, so the chances are that your efficient Sydney removalists won’t move it. Therefore, you need to carry the tank with you in your personal vehicle. After removing the tank, make sure that you keep it away from direct sunlight temporarily.

Step 3: Pack Parts and Utensils

Most of the grills come with different parts. If you want to wrap it perfectly, you should pack all the parts separately instead of moving the grill in one piece. The removable grill parts include the racks, pans, utensils and other accessories. If the grill comes with a detachable lid, make sure that you also take that off and pack separately.

Wrap all the parts in old towels, t-shirts or bubble wrap and then keep them inside a box. Make sure you use a sufficient amount of padding; otherwise, the parts will get scratches during the transportation. After packing your stuff, be sure to label the box. So, you won’t have to spend hours searching parts of the grill in the pile of boxes.

Step 4: Wrap Your Grill

After packing the other parts and utensils, you need to pack the grill in the best possible manner so it remains safe during the entire transport. If the lid is attached to the grill, you should close it and secure it with a sufficient amount of tape. After that, use a moving blanket to wrap the grill and use more packing tape to secure the blanket.

Do not pack the base or wheels of the grill because it becomes easier to transport the grill, and it remains stable inside the truck. If the grill has any side handles, leave it uncovered as well. If you want to stay away from all the hassles and stress of packing, contact the best removalists in Sydney.

Step 5: Move the Grill

Make sure that you complete the packing of your grill well before the relocation day. Otherwise, you can experience complete chaos on that day and inappropriate packing and cause severe damage to the grill. Fortunately, most of the grills are not heavy, so only one or two people can easily load it into the truck. However, if you have hired a moving company, let the professionals handle this part. They will carry out the task perfectly.

Why You Need Professionals

The relocation process is already a stressful event, so you don’t need any kind of stress of moving appliances like the grill. That is why it is advisable to hire a reputed moving company in Sydney. These professionals use the right equipment and methods to load and unload the grill. They keep it safe throughout the relocation process and save you from unnecessary hassle.

The Bottom Line

Moving your grill is a difficult task, and you need to be very careful with packing and loading it into the truck. However, you can make the task a little easier by following the step mentioned above. If you want to save your time and efforts, contact a reliable removals company in Sydney. They can help you to move such appliance perfectly, so you experience a stress-free relocation.