The 5 Things People Worry About The Most When Moving

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A couple is worrying about their house move

The 5 Things People Worry About The Most When Moving

Jan 20, 2020

Relocating to a new home is among the most stressful events of a person’s life. The psychological, physical, and financial impact of moving is always significant irrespective someone has moved before, or it’s the first time. It is natural to feel apprehensive because a variety of tasks need to be completed within a stipulated time. Expert Sydney removalists say there are certain things everyone worries about when moving. Hence, if you’re relocating, read this guide to know the top five worries people have during a move and how to deal with the stress.

1. Planning for the Move Financially and Emotionally

Moving is both financially and emotionally taxing whether it is due to the end of a tenancy or the need to own a property. The financial stress includes creating a budget, saving for renting/buying a property, submitting premiums for old/new insurances, and managing expenses of moving. And, the emotional stress is due to leaving a familiar environment, fearing the unknown, or stepping outside the comfort zone. Managing both aspects of a move is essential to it successful and smooth which requires planning two months in advance.

The solution: Start by creating a budget and devising a saving plan for the next few months to manage the move financially. Also, check your options for loans and calculate how much of the rental bond you can get back. Make the move less emotionally taxing by spending time with near and dear ones, getting their help to complete tasks, hosting dinners & lunches, etc. Also, try to remain excited about the move by maintaining a positive attitude.

2. Finding A Suitable Property

Everyone worries about finding a better and affordable property to live in when planning to move. This apprehension is more common in people who are tenants, and their property lease is about to end. They have less time to search and book a suitable property in the locality of choice. However, this doesn’t mean people who are planning to invest in a property don’t feel the stress of finding a suitable real estate. They have to think of buying a property with promising future appreciation value, a safe neighbourhood, connectivity and much more.

The solution: Searching for a property that is within your budget and meets your requirements is a cumbersome and tiring process, which is why it is best to take the assistance of a reputed real estate agency to help find an affordable residential property in Sydney.

3. Managing the Move without Disrupting Daily Life

The hustle & bustle related to moving can disrupt the daily routine of adults, children, pets, or anyone who is concerned. According to professional removalists in Sydney, people usually worry about the move affecting their regularity at work, health, and ability to meet other life commitments. In addition, they worry about managing the various tasks related to moving without upsetting the daily routine of their kids and pets. This worry is justified because when schedules are disturbed the chaos resulting from it becomes very difficult to manage while completing moving-related tasks.

The solution: Hire professionals to perform end of lease cleaning, removals, and other tasks to help free your bandwidth to take care of children, pets, or other dependents. Professionals can help you maintain regularity and productivity at work as well.

Another alternative is to take the assistance of friends and family members to take care of specific moving-related tasks while you take care of something else. Make it a team effort to help maintain schedules while getting things done.

4. Packing Belongings in Time

Packing your property’s content securely within a stipulated time is a major moving-related task. It requires planning and careful execution because if contents are packed haphazardly & without the right supplies, they can suffer irreparable damage during loading/unloading and transportation. One of the most common packing related worries people have is not having enough time to pack. The others include packing too many things that end up increasing the moving cost, forgetting important items, and not packing adequately to prevent damage.

The solution: Start by decluttering the house four weeks before the moving day as it will help reduce the number of things pack. Sort all your property contents in four piles for discarding, donating, reselling, and packing. Once the decluttering activity is done, arrange for packing supplies for things you need to take to the new home. You can ask near and dear ones for boxes and other supplies to reuse. Also, you can approach local retailers for spare boxes.

To pack punctually, either hire professional removalists in Sydney or ask your relatives or friends for assistance.

5. Hiring Affordable & Reliable Removalists

Some people are adept at DIY moving, but they are only a few because most need professional assistance. People generally suffer from the stress of finding affordable and reliable removalists in Sydney because moving is expensive. This problem is enhanced as the market is saturated with mediocre removals companies, and there are only a handful of dependable ones. Many boasts of providing packing and moving services at cheap rates but end up scamming the clients or delivering inadequate solutions. Therefore, it is understandable people worry about booking cheap and trustworthy removalists in Sydney to manage their relocation process.

The Solution: Asking friends, relatives or acquaintances for references can help find reliable removalists. Another way is to search online to find ones with good rating & feedback. Contact the selected companies for quotes to check their affordability and see if they provide any discounts. Besides, to know reliability, ask for client referrals to get real-time reviews on the removalists’ services.

Wrapping Up

It is natural to feel anxious and apprehensive while moving as it a huge life event. Relocating is difficult for everyone whether they have moved before or they are moving for the first time. Therefore, it is not a surprise people worry about the same things. Knowing about the top five worries people have when moving and their solutions by expert removalists can help manage the move more successfully and reduce the amount of stress.