6 Benefits Of Moving From City To The Suburbs

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6 Benefits Of Moving From City To The Suburbs

Jul 27, 2021

As the state capital of New South Wales, Sydney is considered as one of the best and safest places to live and raise a family. It is the oldest and most populated capital city in Australia.

The city is surrounded by beautiful stretched beaches, heart-stopping landscapes, bustling CBD, national parks, top-rated schools, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, pubs and other entertainment hubs.

Sydney is also known for its beautiful, spacious, and lush-green suburbs. Nowadays, people are moving from big cities to small towns and suburbs. Instead of investing in small city apartments, they are opting for spacious suburban residential properties. More space with close proximity to the local amenities is one of the main reasons why city-dwellers prefer suburbs over big and crowded cities.

If you are also planning the same, hire trained Sydney removalists for your local move. They will take care of your precious possessions throughout the journey. You can plan your home relocation after doing proper research about the place you are moving in.

If you are getting curious about moving to the suburbs, then read the 6 benefits mentioned below.

1. Spacious/ More Space

One of the key benefits of moving to the suburbs is that you will get more indoor as well as outdoor space. You can buy a spacious home with more bedrooms and bathrooms at the best price.

Whereas in a metropolitan city, people end up living in studio apartments or one-bedroom unit at the same price. It is because affordable housing options are limited in big cities.

On the other hand, you will also get an outdoor yard if you are moving to the suburb. This is one of the great benefits as you can organise parties outside your house, set up a barbecue section, etc and spend quality time with your family and friends.

2. Surrounded by Top-Rated Schools

Suburbs like Newtown, Ashfield, Westmead and Parramatta are renowned for their top-class public and private schools. The best thing about suburban schools is that they have less crowd and more teachers.

Plus, it becomes easy for kids to be social in a family-oriented place. They can attend school with neighbouring kids and also participate in after-school programs and activities easily.

Make sure you research everything about the best schools in Sydney when moving with children and choose the ideal option.

3. Affordable Housing

Residential properties in Sydney are very expensive. Buying a house or apartments in a city requires a lot of financial resources. On the other side, the suburbs are often less expensive. You can explore affordable housing options in small towns and suburbs with all the high-end amenities.

It is good to focus on searching for the most suitable location where you can get the better price per square foot. Here is the list of 3 most affordable suburbs in the capital city of NSW.

San Remo

Located 90 minutes away from the  city’s CBD, San Remo is a family-friendly and affordable suburb of Sydney. The median property price for 3-bedroom house is $520,200, and the average rent is $400 per week.


Renowned for top-class education facilities, Gorokan is one of the affordable suburbs in Sydney. The median price for 3-bedroom house is around $550,000, and the rent is $425 per week.


It is a family-friendly suburb of Sydney, NSW. The suburb is known for its spacious homes, best schools, restaurants and public transportation facilities. The median price for a 3-bedroom house stands at $560,000, and the rent for the same is $420 per week.

You can make the right decision depending on your specific needs and budget. It is good to hire an experienced moving company in Sydney if you are moving delicate or expensive belongings.

4. Less Crowd & More Peace

Many people leave the city because of its bustling streets and noise pollution. From the blaring sirens to the honking vehicles, you won’t get much peace when it comes to living in a metropolitan city. It is an ideal place for those who love vibrant, loud and electrifying nightlife.

If you want to enjoy a relaxed and peaceful lifestyle, then move to the suburbs. They are less crowded, especially outer suburbs- which can give you a lot of peace and relaxes your mind.

5. Close Vicinity to the Local Amenities

As the population in the suburbs have been growing, you can easily witness high-end amenities close to the suburb. From entertainment hubs to restaurants, schools to public transports, suburbs offer everything much closer as compared to big cities. You can even explore mixed used spaces, busy local markets, modern-age shopping complexes and much more close to your house.

6. Safe Neighbourhood

Safety and security are the reasons why people are moving from cities to the suburbs. The crime rate automatically increases when there are more people, and that’s why cities with dense population have more crime than less populated towns and suburbs.


These are 6 benefits of moving a house from the city to the suburb in Sydney. If you want spacious homes at an affordable price, high-end amenities, safety and security, peace and the best schools, then read this article before making the final decision. You can also hire certified removalists in Sydney and transit your belongings safely to the new place.