6 Charities In Sydney That Offer Free Furniture Pickup

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6 Charities In Sydney That Offer Free Furniture Pickup

Feb 27, 2023 Moving furniture is one of the most challenging & time-coming moving tasks. Since these items are high-costing and need extra attention during handling, ensuring they reach your new home safely is stressful. Many people hire professional removalists in Sydney for furniture removals to avoid the hassle. You can do the same, but not before paring it down. The capital of New South Wales is an expensive city, and a Sydney removalist can cost $69.47/half hour. Therefore, your entire move can cost hundreds of dollars. You must eliminate unwanted items, especially furniture, to reduce this cost. Dispose of broken & worn furniture that is beyond repair. Also, if you plan to donate tables, chairs, sofas, cabinets and other pieces of furniture, you must know why giving away furniture is advantageous and places that offer no-cost furniture pick-up. Listed below are the benefits of donating and six charities that pick up the furniture from your doorstep.

Benefits of Donating Furniture

A house move is a perfect opportunity to start fresh and feel good about giving to the community. Therefore, keep aside pieces of furniture to donate for the following reasons.
  • Declutter effectively to only take things you really need at your new home.
  • Reduce the moving load for yourself or your hire Sydney removalists.
  • Prevent household furniture from ending up in landfills & contribute to Australia’s waste management problem.
  • Help people in need of furniture items but cannot buy them.

6 Sydney Charities Offering Free Furniture Pick-up

people planning a house move are often pressed for time and cannot physically drop items to donate at their local charity. What’s more, this task requires a moving vehicle and handling of heavy furniture. You can get discouraged from donating, especially when you are moving at short notice or don’t want the hassle of delivering furniture. Therefore, here are six charities you can contact to pick up the furniture from your doorstep, give away the fixtures and move without stress.

1. St Vincent de Paul Society

This charitable organisation has been around for 170 years and today has over 45,000 members and volunteers. It has Vinnies Shops across Sydney and other major cities in Australia to help people donate pre-loved goods. They accept a variety of furniture in good condition, and you must check with your local Vinnies Shop to know what furniture they can take. Just make sure the items are not ripped, stained or broken. Some Vinnies Shops offer pick-up service for donations, and you must confirm if your local one does. Get the contact details from the Vinnies website and find the opening hours.

2. The Bower Reuse & Repair Centres

Are you passionate about reducing waste and living sustainably? Contact your nearest Bower Reuse & Repair Centre to schedule a pick-up for the furniture you want to donate. This not-for-profit organisation runs on the mission to reduce things that end up in landfills. Therefore, it helps people give away things for reuse and repair. Their prime aim is to re-home items to stop the wastage of repairable/reusable items. The organisation’s local centres accept a host of things, including furniture such as chests of drawers, bedside tables, whole bedframes, dining tables, chairs, wardrobes etc. You can easily book a collection from their website following a three-step process. It takes the centres two weeks to review your request and schedule a pick-up.

3. The Salvation Army

Like St Vincent de Paul Society, The Salvation Army is also a reckoned and reputed charitable organisation known for accepting goods and raising funds for people in need. They have multiple Salvos Stores across Sydney and other regions of Australia where you can give away furniture. To schedule a pick-up or ask about it, contact your local Salvos Store, as some stores range free pick-up services for oversized items you cannot deliver yourself. Just ensure the furniture items are in good condition, and the stores can sell them without issue to generate funds to support The Salvation Army programs.

4. Pyrmont Cares Inc.

Pyrmont Cares Inc. is a local charitable organisation directly helping people in the greater Sydney area. This organisation is dedicated to helping poor people in need of household goods and furniture. They help improve their lives and make them comfortable by re-homing furniture and goods. They also help people to reduce wastage and save the environment. You can visit their website to donate furniture in good condition and arrange a free pick-up. They mainly collect furniture from inner city areas like Annandale, Balmain, Chippendale, Darlinghurst, Darlington, Alexandria, Erskineville and many more.

5. Goodwill OP Shops

Goodwill OP Shops is a reputed platform that supports a host of Australian Charities that help unprivileged and disadvantaged people. The shops work by getting pre-loved items such as furniture, clothing, bedding, and more. You can either drop off the furniture at their BROOKVALE shop or book a free pick-up if you live in the northern suburbs in Sydney. You can also book a free pick-up for their truck by filling out a form on their website.

6. Families in Need

Another local charitable organisation you can contact for free-pickup of furniture is Families in Need. They help people in a bad economic position or having poor circumstances due to an injury, loss of employment or other issues. You can visit their website to email and schedule a pick-up all year round.

Wrapping Up

Donating furniture is one of the best ways to reduce the moving load for your hired Sydney removalists and also help people in need. Therefore, once you have decluttered and set aside furniture you want to donate, contact the six charities above for a free furniture pick-up.