7 Common Pitfalls When Choosing A Removalist

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7 Common Pitfalls When Choosing A Removalist

Mar 30, 2021 Whether you are moving for the first time or relocated multiple times, choosing the right removalists can make your move pleasant and comfortable. Hiring professionals is common as they can manage strenuous and complex tasks like packing, loading/unloading heavy items, transporting your belongings safely. By taking the assistance of removalists in Sydney, you save time, energy, and effort which can be dedicated to spending time with your loved ones and completing other moving-related tasks. However, finding the right experts is easier said than done, and you can make several mistakes even if you have moved before. Outlined below are seven common pitfalls anyone can face when choosing removalists in Sydney. Read on.

Falling for the Cheapest Rates Scam

Mushrooming of removals companies in Sydney has led to severe competition, making many organisations falsely claim they can provide the cheapest services. Trusting a company that boasts of giving its services at rates too good to be true, it can make your moving experience a nightmare. Such companies scam customers by luring them with cheap rates then imposing hidden charges on the moving day. Be smart while booking removalists in Sydney and avoid considering companies that advertise removal services at dirt-cheap rates.

Not Inquiring About Moving Insurance

Often people planning a move overlook moving insurances the removals company has and what kind of coverage they can arrange. Even when you are considering hiring reputed removalists in Sydney, it would be prudent to ask about the coverage they provide in case of loss or damage to your belongings. Most reputed companies offer limited liability cover that is free of charge and applicable when you avail their services. However, if you want more protection, then go for companies that can offer better insurances via third-party agencies. Keep in mind, the higher the coverage insurance plan you choose, the more premium you need to pay.

Booking Removalists without Knowing Service(s) Inclusions and Exclusions

Before booking removalists in Sydney, make sure you discuss everything included and excluded in the services you plan to pay for. For example, if you are paying for an interstate moving service, then always ask which states the company can ship/transport your belongings. Other inclusions/exclusions to inquire about would be: • Rent of the moving truck(s) • Insurance coverage • Cost of handling and transporting heavy or delicate items Similarly, before availing packing service, full-moving service, backloading service or other removals services, inquire what they include and exclude. When you book a company without asking about these things, you may have to pay for things you think would be covered in a service but aren’t.

Not Availing Packing Services

When hiring professional removalists in Sydney, most people only consider booking them for handling and transporting their belongings. However, most reputed removalists offer packing services too that can save you a lot of time and energy. Packing is a strenuous and challenging task that requires precision and patience. It also requires the usage of suitable materials and correct techniques for securing different types of items. By availing packing services, you can reduce your stress related to packing and have the capacity to focus on other tasks.

Booking a Company without Checking ASIC Registration

Companies registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Association (ASIC) are obligated to follow the body’s laws and need to perform their business legally. They need to create and maintain a business name, have a registered office, keep financial records, update ASIC in case of important changes and much more. Companies not registered with the body can easily defraud people as they not legally obligated to follow the rules of ASIC. Therefore, if you don’t want to fall prey to an unregistered company, ensure the ones you are selecting are listed with the regulatory body.

Overlooking the Option to Rent a Storage Unit

In any of the following cases, renting a storage unit is a great idea. • You don’t have the space to place your precious rugs, home décor items or furniture in your new home • Don’t want to get rid of sentimental items and tokens • You have downsized and need space to keep household items securely before donating or reselling them • You are moving at short notice Besides these reasons, you may need a storage unit to manage your move without any hassle, but most people often overlook this option. Don’t make the mistake of not exploring renting a storage unit option before hiring removalists in Sydney. You can use the extra space to store your belongings to manage the packing and moving load and manage the process comfortably.

Delay Searching and Booking Removalists

If you think you can easily look for and book good removalists in Sydney without any hiccups, you are mistaken. Don’t make the mistake of delaying these two activities and plan to do them in the last week. Not only will the removalists charge you higher for booking at the last moment, but your chances of getting the removalists you want will diminish substantially as well. Thus make sure you start searching at least one month before moving and book removalists in advance.


Hiring removalists in Sydney is a smart and practical step that can help you manage your move without issues or delays. However, while booking the professionals, you have to be careful, or your relocation process can become a nightmare. Thus, make sure to avoid the seven pitfalls mentioned above when choosing removalists.