7 Golden Rules For Successful Garage Sale Before Moving Out

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7 Golden Rules For Successful Garage Sale Before Moving Out

Jan 27, 2023 Moving all your belongings is challenging, which is why paring down is necessary to lighten the packing and moving load. After decluttering, hosting a garage sale is a responsible way to dispose of unwanted items in your home. Waste from homes usually ends up in landfills if it is discarded without a plan. Therefore, a garage sale can help you declutter, recycle and minimise waste. You also save money because removalists in Sydney charge according to the weight of contents measured in metric cubes. Moreover, you can earn a few bucks from reselling things and increase the moving budget. If you choose to conduct a garage sale, you should know what you can sell, how to price used items, and on what day to host the event for a fruitful garage sale.  Therefore, here is your complete guide outlining 7 golden rules for a successful garage sale before moving out.

1. Should You Host an Online or Offline Garage Sale?

The first decision you must make quickly is whether you want to conduct the garage sale online or offline. Host an online sale when you don’t want the hassle of setting up the event and meeting with people. It is also less time-consuming and tiring because you don’t have to be physically present when the event happens. However, if you need to give away your things without the hassle of shipping, bidding or stretching the sale for days, an offline garage sale is the better option. You can dedicate one day to sell all your belongings, collect the money and complete the task.

2. Prepare for the Garage Sale

Not everything you own is suitable for selling in the garage sale, which is why to prepare for the event, separate things items in good condition that are appropriate for all ages and have resale value. Also, you must set the event date, venue, and scale, then decide other important things to prepare for the sale and avoid delays when your hired removalists in Sydney arrive. If you plan to host the sale online, look at multiple platforms and choose the ones with the most traffic. Garage Sale Trail, Gumtree, Sydney Garage Sale Finder and Garagesales.com are some websites you can check out. These websites are great for selling things online to reduce your load and make your move smooth.

3. Decide What to Sell

Successful garage sales offer things people are willing to buy second-hand. These must be useful items in a good state. For example, people like to buy the following things from yard sales because they are economical.
  • Appliances
  • Baby accessories, furniture, toys
  • Books and media products
  • Cleaning, fishing, gyming and other equipment
  • Musical instruments
  • Homeware like utensils, crockery sets, picture frames, lamps, rugs, etc.

4. Set Reasonable Prices for Garage Sale

As a rule, set the price at 20% of their MRP for items that are in good condition and used scarcely. Also, you can sell things in multiple numbers, like books, spoons, plates, glasses, frames etc. and price them at $1 or $2 each. Set one price for small and similar items to avoid confusion and sell them quickly. When setting rates, keep in mind you need to sell the items and get them off your hand quickly to make moving less stressful. On the day of the sale, label things clearly and highlight the rates in bold to make them readable from a distance. If there is an item with a negotiable rate, mention it clearly on the label.

5. Advertise & Attract Traffic

Use social media channels to generate awareness and advertise the garage sale. Instagram Reels, YouTube shorts, Facebook Reels, and other mini-video formats do well, and you can take advantage of that. Additionally, you can post information and details about the garage sale on social groups to reach more people quickly. If you have the capital for traditional advertising methods like flyers, a newspaper classified, etc., then you can use them too. You can share the material with neighbours, at community meets and at other places. Do all this while you are looking for local removalists in Sydney to ensure your things are sold before you can get a quote.

6. Host The Sale On Weekends

The chances of a garage sale succeeding increase when it is on a weekend when people have time off from work. Make sure to host yours on these days and ensure it is not a national holiday or a festival. Additionally, keep event hours between 10 am to 8 pm which is daytime to attract more people.

7. Donate What You Cannot Sell

While the aim of any garage sale is to sell every item but expect a few items to remain unsold. Prepare to donate items that didn’t sell, along with other things you have kept aside for donating. Box and label these items and give them away to your local Salvos Store, Vinnies Store or another charity store. You can also list these items on GIVIT, Gumtree, and the Freecycle Network to donate furniture, homeware, clothes and more to people who really need them.


Moving house is the perfect opportunity for homeowners and renters to pare down and get rid of unwanted items. Thus, if you are relocating, it is essential you sort your belongings as keep, donate, discard and resell. If you wish to host a successful garage sale, then this is your guide to knowing its seven golden rules. Also, hire professional removalists in Sydney to lighten your burden and move without hassle.