7 Great Reasons To Move To Sydney

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7 Great Reasons To Move To Sydney

Sep 09, 2019 One of Australia’s most iconic cities and a true melting pot, Sydney has everything you can ask for! So, if you are looking for a new place to move, the capital of New South Wales can be the ideal destination for you. From exceptional educational opportunities and low unemployment and crime rate to excellent pay and world-class quality life, it gives you infinite possibilities to excel in life. On the other hand, its scenic beauty, art scene, cafes, bars and restaurants allow taking a break for your hectic schedule and relaxing your mind. The city offers the perfect balance you need to live a satisfied life. And that is why hundreds of people are moving to this city everyday in search of good education for the kids, better job opportunities and a higher living standard. For this purpose, people usually hire interstate removalists in Sydney so that they can focus on other important aspects and accomplish a hassle-free moving. In this post, you will read about the seven great reasons to move to this city. Let’s have a look.

1. The Standard Of Living

People living in Sydney should consider themselves fortunate for many reasons. They are living in one of the best cities in the world. The multi-cultural place is the largest city in Australia and also one of its leading economies. People can access all kinds of facilities here in every field whether it is health, education, art or any other stream. If you move to this metropolis, you can enjoy an exceptional city life, which is much better than any other world-class city. Not only that, this location is surrounded by extraordinary scenery, both man-made like the Sydney Harbour Bridge and natural like the Bondi Beach. All these factors make the standard of living higher in comparison to other Australian cities.

2. Strong Job Market

A strong job market is another big reason why people want to move to this urban area. If you move here, you have a higher chance of landing work in your specific field. The job market is improving with each passing year. The rate of unemployment continues to decrease and was low at 3.76% for the second quarter in 2018. Also, the Sydneysiders follow a perfect combination of relaxed and hard working approach in their workspace. It is no secret that the city is the financial and business hub of Australia. The central business district is a vibrant place to work, packed with large multinational and blue-chip companies. There are various opportunities across professional services and in the digital economy as well as well-paid blue-collar jobs in the construction and manufacturing industries. The city is considered the economic powerhouse of the country because it is home to more than 40% of the top 500 companies in Australia, more than 85% of international banks and more than 60% of communication and IT companies.

3. Exceptional Educational Opportunities

As per the law in Australia, children between the ages of 6 and 17 have to attend school and this place is no different. Although the starting age is 6, kids are sent to preschool at the age of 4. A large number of students stay in their respective high school until grade 12, while many do vocational training or go to the university. The best part is that all Australian schools provide every possible facility to the students. Whether your kids are opting for a scientific, technical or artistic career, they will get nothing but the best. The NSW Government has the policy to make sure that all children are guaranteed a place in the local state schools. Therefore, you get double protection for your kids’ education as you can apply for their admission at any school of your preference and have a place already secured at one of the schools within your specific catchment area.

4. Excellent Pay

Another great reason to move to this city is its excellent pay scale. According to a worldwide survey, people in Sydney get the 5th best pay in the world. And surprisingly, the number is better than cities like London, Chicago, Dubai, Singapore, Amsterdam, Paris, etc. So, when you get a better salary, you get the chance to spend on various things including insurance, medical, education, EMIs and so on. This helps you to improve your standard of living. So, if you move to this place, the pay you are going to get here for your job is most likely to be way more than what you are getting at the moment. If you find a job here that requires your immediate moving, go for professional interstate removalists in Sydney and get the job done in a quick and hassle-free manner.

5. Efficient Public Transport

Daily commuting can be a challenging task, but if you move here, you will immediately spot the difference. Unlike other regions in Australia, public transport is quite accessible in the capital of NSW. The public transport system is quite efficient and connects several services, all major suburbs, office places, market area, etc. To provide convenience to the people, public transport network of the city runs on a smartcard system knowns as ‘Opal’. You can get this card and load it with credit of at least $10 from numerous news agencies and nearby stores across the city. The Sydney Light Rail and NSW trains connect the metropolis with the rest of New South Wales and run from 4 am to midnight. The buses are easily available and offer a prepaid service that runs for the entire day. Ferries are another excellent way of public transport that many cities cannot provide. The Harbour City ferries operate between Circular Quay and Balmain Kirribilli, Taranga Zoo, Mosman and Neutral Bay.

6. Pleasant Weather Of The City

It is a colourful city, and the weather is no exception. The average temperature in summer ranges from 18.6 to 25.8°C, when the humidity jumps to 65%. This is an ideal time to enjoy the beaches. During autumn, the average temperature lies between 14.6 and 22.2°C. This specific season makes the coastal walks of this region even more beautiful. The coldest months in the city are June to August when the average temperatures range from 8.8 to 17°C. One thing you need to remember is that June is the month which records maximum rainfall. So, if you are planning a move during this time, you better opt for an interstate removalist in Sydney. They have all the equipment and knowledge to tackle even the worst weather conditions when moving. During spring, the days are warmer, but you will not get the humidity as much as in summer. During this time, the temperatures range from 11 to 23°C.

7. Healthy Way Of Life

Another great thing about this place is its infectious health-conscious culture. So, if you move to this part of the country, you will be getting enough motivation to follow a healthy regimen. People here are way more health-conscious than any other major city in Australia. You will see most of the people exercising at different times of the day. Boot camps all across the parks in different regions is a common scenario. You can see people engaged in physical activity before and after office time as well as during the lunch hours. People here also opt for healthy food, and thus many cafes and restaurants serve healthy food. If you are vegan or vegetarian, then it’s even better. It can be an ideal place for you.


Sydney is considered as one of the best cities in the world, not only because of its beauty but also for its strong economy. From education, professional, business, health, and entertainment point of view, it has everything you can ask for. Thus it should be at the top of your priority list if you are planning to move within Australia for a successful future. And moving is not an easy task so you must avoid taking the extra burden and go for interstate removalists in Sydney. They ensure a quick and affordable relocation.