7 Items That Are Harder to Move Than You Think!

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7 Items That Are Harder to Move Than You Think!

Oct 05, 2020

Moving is one of the most challenging and stressful events of anyone’s life as it requires completion of a variety of tasks within a limited time. Most of these tasks need to be performed simultaneously, which causes mental and physical fatigue. Among these tasks, one that can be particularly overwhelming is handling and moving heavy household items.

People usually prefer hiring professional removalists in Sydney to manage packing and moving of their property contents. However, if for any reason you are planning a DIY move and even if you are not, knowing which household items are difficult to handle is essential to manage the process effectively. Read on to know which items are tough to move and which ones are harder to handle and transport than you think!

Why Knowing which Items are Hard to Move is Important?

As per a report by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, about 50 Australians are injured per week due to toppling furniture and televisions. 82% of these accidents happen in the home, and about 30% of the injuries are urgent and require medical attention.

While moving when all the property contents need to be packed and transferred, the chances of incurring cuts, scrapes, bruises, fractures, and other injuries increase. Therefore, it is essential to know which items are hard to shift to be careful whether they are being moved by professional removalists in Sydney or by yourself.

Items That Are Harder to Move Than You Think

Now you know why knowing which items are hard to move is crucial, here is a list of things which are challenging to move and why. Have a look!

1. Flat Screen Televisions

Due to advancement in technology, most people have large and flat-screen television sets at home as compared to smaller ones which were more manageable. Moving big screen TVs requires special boxes for packing and using bubble or foam wraps to secure them. In addition, they need to be handled with care as they are prone to damage. While loading them in the moving truck, ensuring they are placed upright and not vertically on the floor is crucial as well.

2. Furniture

Most people hire professional furniture removalists in Sydney to move heavy furniture like tables, wardrobes, cabinets, desks, etc. because they are hard to handle. Even if you have light furniture like chairs, stools, coffee tables etc., moving them without using proper techniques and equipment can lead to fatigue or injuries.

3. Bulky Appliances

It is common to assume that moving appliances is manageable, but if you do not pay attention, then you can cause damage and sustain injuries while handling them. Bulky appliances like refrigerators, microwaves, dishwashers, mixers/grinders, washing machines, etc., should be packed carefully and moved with the utmost care. Make sure to pack all the accessories and parts correctly and label them to prevent difficulties during reassembly and installation at the new property.

4. Delicate Items

Everyone has delicate items in their homes, such as crockery, glassware, antiques, decorative pieces, chandeliers, wine collections, and much more. Moving these things can be a nightmare because the risk of irreparable damage is high.

Therefore, it is essential to be extremely careful while handling, packing, and transporting such items. Most people prefer hiring professional removalists in Sydney to manage the movement of these items because the experts are experienced and trained. In addition, they have access to packing supplies, moving equipment, special vehicles, and other resources that make it easier for them to move delicate items without breaking.

5. Plants

For people who love plants and have a variety of them, moving them can be a hassle for various reasons, especially if the moving distance is significant. Packing plants is difficult and requires special supplies that ensure the pots don’t break, the soil/manure isn’t spilled, and the plant doesn’t sustain damage. If possible, it is wise to give away plants to family members, friends, or neighbours to care and nurture and get new ones once you have moved and settled at your new residence.

6. Aquariums

Moving an aquarium is a challenge because it requires storing and careful packing of the tank’s water, plants, and aquatic beings. Fishes are extremely prone to stress, and any drastic or sudden change to their ecosystem can lead to them falling sick or dying.

Also, the tank is prone to breakage, and the tank water is susceptible to contamination or spillage. Thus moving an aquarium is harder than you think and the most practical solutions are to either give them to near and dear ones or hire professional removalists in Sydney offering an aquarium moving service.

7. Large Fitness Equipment and Musial Instruments

Moving large exercise equipment and instruments like treadmills, benches, exercise bikes, pianos, drum sets, etc. is challenging and stressful. These items require disassembling, careful packing/labelling, and use of moving equipment. Shifting, loading and unloading of such items needs to be done carefully. Not only the risk of an item getting damaged is high, but also, if the right technique is not used you can sustain serious injuries and accidents.

Therefore, hiring experienced removalists in Sydney is wise for moving large fitness equipment and musical instruments along with heavy furniture and bulky appliances.

Wrapping Up

Moving is a stressful, challenging, and overwhelming experience since there are a host of property contents to pack and transport while completing other moving-related tasks. Many items in your home are harder to move than you think which is why by referring to this list you can plan your move better and know for which things you will require the assistance of professional removalists in Sydney.