7 Reasons To Schedule Your Move During Holiday Break

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7 Reasons To Schedule Your Move During Holiday Break

Dec 28, 2023

Families with kids and working professionals often schedule their relocation during a holiday break. This is because schools and workplaces have holiday-offs, leading to smoother moving logistics and fewer traffic jams.

Plus, various renowned cheap removalists Sydney might have less business during the festive season, making them more flexible with moving scheduling, and you might get attractive deals and discounts. Holiday breaks also give you enough time to prep and pack your belongings without any professional stress.

So, here is a list of 7 reasons to encourage you to schedule a move during the holidays. Consider these reasons and prepare a complete moving checklist for a stress-free experience.

Let’s Get Started!

1. Holiday Breaks Supports Flexible Schedules

Extended holiday time and adjustable schedules are the two major reasons people prefer moving during vacation breaks. There is no stress of taking time off work to pack household belongings or transferring utilities.

In fact, spend quality time with your family by delegating tasks like packing books, wrapping household items, etc.

Holiday breaks also give flexibility in managing packing, logistics, and other important tasks in a streamlined manner. You may need extra time to update your new address, dismantle large furniture pieces or donate pre-loved items- that can easily be completed in the extended vacation time.

2. Seamless School and Job Transitions

Whether you are relocating to an outer suburb in Sydney or across a new state, transiting school and office is the most overwhelming process.

However, you and your kids may find it super easy to leave the current school or job at the beginning of a holiday break and transit seamlessly into a new one without downtime.

Do proper research and find a new job and school in advance to avoid last-minute chaos or academic loss.

Kids may experience an emotional breakdown at the thought of leaving their school, friends and neighbourhood behind. So, help your kids to adjust by keeping them motivated and engaged during the process.

3. Availability of Removal Companies

The removal industry in NSW generally considers holidays as a slower season for bookings and schedules. There is less competition as the majority of people don’t prefer moving due to the holiday rush. Many people even host parties or go on vacations to make the most of their extended breaks.

So, the chances of getting the most preferred removalists Sydney increase, even at affordable rates. They may offer discounts and deals during festive holidays.

Make sure you check different types of moving services and book them as early as possible and schedule a date and time as per your availability.

4. Get voluntary Help From Family and Friends

The holiday season is the perfect time to meet friends and family for celebration. It is good to enlist their help for packing household belongings and other tasks.

Make it a fun process and let friends assist you voluntarily while family members might be available to assist you with loading, packing large electronics or taking care of your kids and pets.

This can convert a tedious and mentally straining process into a fun and joyous event when loved ones are involved.

5. Leverage Financial Incentives

Though People in Sydney generally don’t get specific year-end benefits solely for relocating during holiday breaks, there are some rebates and incentives related to moving for a new job.

Deductions on Moving Expenses:

Are you relocating due to work reasons, such as starting a new job or a job transfer? If yes, then you may claim moving expenses, such as packing and unpacking, transportation, temporary accommodation, etc, as tax deductions.

Capital Gain Tax (CGT):

Capital Gain Tax is a levy on the profit you make from the sale of your house. Also, look for year-end deals, bonuses and tax advantages that can prompt move during the holiday season.

6. Easy to Unpack Items Post Relocation

Post-moving is also challenging and time-consuming for many individuals. The most daunting part is to unpack large and bulky boxes.

Fortunately, holiday breaks save you from post-move hustle as you have enough time to unpack and settle into your new abode.

You can also take assistance from professional removalists Sydney to unpack your belongings in a streamlined manner so you can enjoy holidays with your family.

7. A Fresh Start For the New Year

Relocating during holiday breaks gives a new beginning for the New Year. It allows you to start fresh at a new place where you feel motivated, happy and positive.

This is also the perfect time to make new resolutions and make your life better by settling into a new community before your holiday ends.

Wrapping Up

Moving a house during holiday breaks comes with potential benefits, stress-free processes and special opportunities. The reasons mentioned above in the article, ranging from leveraging the benefits of flexible schedules, smooth school and job transition and other perks can help you move your home easily during the holiday season.