8 Important Things To Organise Whilst Moving House

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8 Important Things To Organise Whilst Moving House

Sep 14, 2017

Nothing can be more stressful than shifting to a new house, along with all your household chattels. It is essential to keep everything in a well-organised way if you don’t want to spoil the happiness of buying your dream house.

To have a stress free and happy moving experience, you can hire the services of the best removalist in Sydney who will make it easier for you to pack and deliver your dear items to your new house, without any problem. You should also followed some key things that will help you organise your work while moving to a new house:

1. Maintain a folder

It is highly recommended that you to maintain two or three pocket-friendly folders in which you can jot down important contact numbers and other things related to the move. You can also write the details of all your goods that you have wrapped into the boxes.

This will definitely simplify the moving process, reduce the risk of mistakes and thus save both your time and effort.

2. Manage your furniture with a floor plan

Most of the people skip this step and then get trapped into the time-consuming activities. Instead of wasting your time, you can focus on identifying furniture gaps using the floor plan of your new house in Sydney to let the things settle down as soon as you start living in your new abode.

Measure all the furniture in your house and paste the cut-outs with the aim to scale them with your floor plan. This will give you an idea about the few things:

  • What you could take?
  • What you could leave or sell?
  • Where to tell movers to put furniture in your new home?

3. Create a box for important documents

Don’t forget to keep all your important documents such as ID proofs, passports, house deeds, insurance papers in one box or file. Create a document box ahead of time to ensure its safely.

In fact, you can create electronic copies of these papers. For that, you just need to scan and save then onto your computer system. Also, follow the change of address checklist for a smooth moving experience.

4. Use the moving checklist

It’s worth paying attention to the checklist that you have created while packing all your belongings. All you need to do is to take a look at your moving checklist to see how many items have been delivered to your new home and how many are still left?

The checklist will help you run the moving house process swiftly, without any annoyance.

5. Pack Smartly

First pack those things that you use the least (including books, wall hangings, decorative items, and other less-useful things). As moving-in day comes closer, you can wrap up the useful items.

Also, label the boxes with the respective names and numbers. This will help you find the specific item quickly and easily. Plus, it lets you know whether you missed anything or not.

6. Get rid of unused items

If you want to organise everything during the move, then you should get rid of the most expensive unused items ahead of time. This will save your time and energy to deal with packing and unpacking unnecessary items for your new home.

In fact, you can sell them to get the most out of it the way you want.

7. Create a first-aid box

You should keep your first-aid box handy or let movers unload it first when you reach your final destination. Make sure you have the following essentials in your list:

  • Medications
  • Toiletries and toilet paper
  • Hand towels
  • Charger
  • Cleaning items
  • A few utensils
  • Snacks
  • Water bottles

8. Clean up your new house

You can opt for a professional clean before you move into your new house. The company you hire for cleanliness purposes will help you maintain the hygiene of your new home. They will clean your rooms, Fly screen; steam the carpets, and a lot more the way you want.


Migrating a home is not as difficult as you think. All you need to do is to hire a professional removalist company and preparing yourself for the move by considering the above-mentioned tips.