9 Things To Leave Behind The Next Time You Move

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9 Things To Leave Behind The Next Time You Move

Nov 25, 2021

Relocating home is one of the most expensive and stressful events. Preparing a complete checklist and a rough budget can minimise the chances of common blunders. Make sure you begin the process on time and start de-cluttering your home before packing up your belongings into boxes.

This gives you a great opportunity to inspect your rooms, closets, and drawers and decide their value in your life. Use this precious home to sort household items and leave unwanted or unnecessary items that you no longer need. That way, you can reduce the overall moving load and expenses. Make sure you book the certified Sydney removalists at least 2 months before your final moving day for the protection of your precious possessions.

If you are packing up stuff on your own, be sure you leave the following 9 things behind when moving.

1. Old Clothing

You can leave old clothing behind when moving to a new home. For that, you need to inspect your closets and de-clutter every item before packing them up into boxes. Keep aside items that no longer fit you or are stained or ripped.

Toss the ripped and stained clothing, such as jeans, lowers, t-shirts, etc. You can also donate the pre-loved clothes to the local charity in Sydney or sell them for some extra dollars.

2. Outdated or Broken Furniture Pieces

It is good to leave outdated furniture if you are moving to a new state, and it can be heavy and hard to move. In addition to this, furniture pieces take up a lot of space in a moving truck.

You can check all your household furniture and leave broken and outdated pieces behind. Donating to an NGO is one of the best ways to help underprivileged people. Make sure the item is in good condition while donating.

3. Light Fittings

Homebuyers expect light fixtures and other attached objects when they buy a property. If you plan to take an expensive light fixture when relocating, inform the real estate agent before signing the sales contract. Also, replace the fixture with a new one.

Most people usually leave the light bulbs, tube lights and other fixtures behind for the new owner. It is also because bulbs and lights are prone to damage, and you may face difficulty in moving such items.

4. Indoor Plants

The decision of moving houseplants is good when you have a new house in the same city or suburb. They are extremely delicate, and extreme temperature fluctuations or lack of water can kill them, especially if you are moving to a new state. It is good to leave your houseplants behind by gifting them to your neighbours and friends.

If you want to move your much-loved greens with you, hire an experienced removals company in Sydney which specialises in moving plants and other delicate items.

5. Curtains and Blinds

Since your current curtains and blinds won’t fit the windows at your new abode, it will be a good idea to leave them behind. The new home buyer or owner will also feel happy and grateful if you leave curtains and blinds on the windows.

6. In-Ground Features

From mailboxes to yard lights, fire pits, and birdhouses, anything fixed in the ground belongs to real estate and is not a personal belonging. If you really want to pack any specific item, be sure it is excluded from the real estate sales contract.

Inspect the entire house, inside and out and make a list of items you don’ t need. Make sure you plan things ahead of time if you are moving during the holidays for a stress-free experience.

7. Leftover Paint Cans

Don’t load leftover paint into the moving truck. Your new home may not need paint colours. If you need them, buy them from a local store instead of taking the old can with you. Paints and other chemicals are dangerous to move, and it is good to leave them behind.

Dispose them of, or store the cans in the area without major temperature fluctuations where the new buyer can easily find them, such as at the back of the furniture or under a kitchen sink.

8. Unwanted Kitchenware

It is good to de-clutter your kitchen at least 7-8 weeks before you move. Get rid of items, such as chipped dishware, take out-menus, duplicate utensils, single-use condiments and other unwanted items. This is the best time to purge kitchen items if you are shifting to a studio apartment or a less spacious home.

9. Hardwired Alarm System

It is much easier to relocate portable wireless alarm systems, such as Wi-Fi connected cameras, instead of hardwired systems. These systems are connected to the electrical system of your home, and it is good to leave them behind. Make sure you discontinue the service and let the new owners switch it again to their name.


Purge unwanted or unnecessary household items when moving to a new home in Sydney. You can leave the 9 things behind mentioned above in the article. Make sure you do proper research and hire the best removalists in Sydney for your valuable belongings.