9 Things To Pack In Your Personal Vehicle When You Move

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9 Things To Pack In Your Personal Vehicle When You Move

Feb 28, 2022

When planning a house move and packing, the moving truck is not the only vehicle you use for keeping your belongings safe during transportation. Your car is useful in storing essential items, valuables, food and much more. However, you cannot randomly dump things in the trunk, overhead carrier, or backseat as that is a misuse of space.

Therefore, before the removalists in Sydney arrive at your home for packing and loading your belongings, prepare and organise the items you want to keep in your car. Here is a list of nine things to pack in your personal vehicle when you move. Use it to reduce moving stress and manage your journey to the new home comfortably.

1. Valuable Items

Don’t make the mistake of boxing jewellery, family heirlooms, and other valuable items to travel in the moving truck. These are things that most reputed removalists in Sydney advise people to pack and move themselves. Hence, keep them close by storing them in plastic bags then inside cloth zipped bags with handles. Use the right packing materials to ensure the valuables remain safe and secure during transit. To avoid drawing attention to valuables, keep them in an old or worn container in the trunk.

2. Essential Bag

Whether you are moving short or long distance, keeping an essential bag on hand is crucial while travelling. It is a compact pouch/backpack containing everything you need to keep on person. Your essentials bag should have prescription medicines, phone charger, toiletries, keys, etc.

It is common for people to stay the night at a motel/hotel during long journeys. Therefore, you will need a change of clothes and towels in the bag. Encourage every household member to pack their individual bag to keep things they will need during travel and upon arriving at the new home..

3. Important Documents

Financial reports, identification cards, medical records, house deeds and other important documents should travel with you in your vehicle. They are too valuable to pack and transport via the moving truck. Thus, get storage file boxes for stacking documents in an organised and secure manner, as these boxes have lids, holes to hold the boxes and space to write details about contents.

4. Plants

If you are a plant lover, saying goodbye to every leafy friend is difficult, but you can only take a few to your new home. Therefore, before packing the plants, see which ones you can easily fit in your vehicle’s trunk and which ones you need to give away to neighbours, friends, or relatives. Australian Native Plants as Bonsai, cactus, jade, spider plant and money tree are examples of house plants that require less water and care, making them perfect for travelling.

5. Compact Electronics

Long journeys are boring, and to keep yourself entertained while ensuring your personal gadgets aren’t misplaced during the house move, keep them with you in the car. You can have your mobile, laptop, tablet, radio, Bluetooth speaker and other things in the personal vehicle to remain occupied. Having smaller personal electronics in the car is also beneficial to keep in touch with your hired removalists in Sydney & ensure your belongings reach the new home in time.

6. Snacks & Drinks

You will need refreshments when moving out of state or managing a long-distance relocation. Therefore, make sure to pack a bunch of sandwiches, chips, candies, beverages and water for the road. Keep enough for every household member, but don’t go overboard avoid wastage of food & drinks. Additionally, keep munchies and food for your pet in the car when travelling with a cat, dog, or any other fur-baby.

7. First Aid Kit

During a house move, your risk for injuries and getting sick increase because you handle boxes and go on long journeys. Thus, don’t make the mistake of travelling with a fully-stocked first-aid kit in your personal vehicle. Ensure it has bandages, pain-relieving sprays, painkillers, antiseptic solution, cotton and other important items.

8. Pillows & Comforters

To maximise your comfort during a long journey, keep cushions, neck pillows and comforters in the car. A blanket or pullover is perfect for naps and remaining toasty in the car when the weather is chilly. Packing these items in your personal vehicle is also beneficial when you arrive at the new home and need them to settle in and sleep comfortably.

9. Disposable Crockery

To eat and drink without hassle, pack disposable plates, bowls, cups, spoons and forks to keep in your personal vehicle. These items come in handy to consume food and have liquids during travel. What’s more, you will need these things to offer refreshments to your hired removalists in Sydney upon arrival at the new home when your kitchenware is still in the boxes.


Moving to a new home is challenging but you can make the journey to it fun and comfortable for yourself and your family by packing the nine things mentioned above in your personal vehicle. Doing so is also beneficial to reduce your moving stress and enables you to have access to important items. Your hire removalists in Sydney can pack and load the rest on your things on the moving truck and ensure they reach the new home safely.