Best Sydney Suburbs for Families: Complete Moving Guide

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Best suburbs in Sydney

Best Sydney Suburbs for Families: Complete Moving Guide

Jun 04, 2020

Sydney is an international city with modern amenities and excellent opportunities for career growth, education, and housing. For people with families being a part of the city is lucrative because it has a host of parks, recreational centres, reputed schools, and highly-operation public transport system.

However, the affordability of properties in Sydney is not within everyone’s budget and given it is a hub of various activities raising a family here may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Thus over the years, more and more mature, young, and established families or couples have moved to the suburbs of Sydney that have a lot to offer.

Are you interested in knowing the names of the best suburbs for families in Sydney? Here is a complete guide to help you find a suitable area to live in for parents, children, and elderlies. In addition, read the guide to get tips by professional removalists in Sydney on how to move with your family.


Do you want to have a family home at a place that has excellent amenities and offers scenic views? Then Balgowlah is the suburb. It is a high demand property market that is ideal for raising a family because there are good schools, a host of restaurants, medical facilities, and excellent connectivity to the Sydney CBD.

Over the years, numerous families and young couples planning to have children have moved to the suburb to buy/rent properties. This suburb can be expensive to obtain property in but having a home here is a worthwhile investment for you and your family. For those interested in getting a house or unit in Balgowlah, here are the median property rates.

• House for buying: $2, 210,000
• House for renting: $1,100 per week
• Apartment for buying: $1, 180,000
• Apartment for renting: $600 per week


With beautiful parks, excellent public transport systems, and numerous reputed schools, this suburb is superb for raising children. Concord is home to several families, and the feeling of community it provides is unmatched. The people are warm, welcoming, and friendly, making the neighbourhood provide a sense of belonging even to newly relocated families.

What’s more, the suburb is safe and secure with a low crime rate, hence it ideal to live with family. Like Balgowlah, Concord is a high demand market, and its property rates are rising due to the interest of many people to invest in residences here. Therefore, acting fast to procure a home for your family is advised. For reference, the median property rates in the suburb are as follows.

• House for buying: $1, 850,000
• House for renting: $750 per week
• Apartment for buying: $9, 95,000
• Apartment for renting: $500 per week


This suburb is ideal for people who would like to raise their children in a home surrounded by culture and history. It is among the oldest suburbs of Sydney and even with modernisation still holds its old-world charm with vintage sandstone properties.

What draws families to Balmain besides the grace of the suburb? It is the friendly people, safe neighbourhoods, good education facilities, restaurants, and the proximity to the central business district of Sydney. The traffic is mellow, public transport is readily available, and reaching other parts of the city is extremely easy from here. If interested in buying or renting a property in Balmain, here are the median prices.

• House for buying: $1, 912,000
• House for renting: $890 per week
• Apartment for buying: $1, 015,000
• Apartment for renting: $625 per week


Consider having a family home by the coast in this suburb which is called God’s Own Country’ by the locals. It is sunny, scenic and spacious with a host of architecturally modern houses and apartments. Since the suburb is a popular place for families and working professionals, it has high-density housing more than stand-alone properties.

Families can live here peacefully and enjoy proximity to the city, good schools for children, modern amenities, and public transport. Buying a house here could be expensive. For people moving here for the first time, it would be better to rent or buy a unit because of affordability. Here are the median prices of properties in Cronulla.

• House for buying: $1, 950, 000
• House for renting: $ 900 per week
• Apartment for buying: $ 783, 000
• Apartment for renting: $ 480 per week

North Ryde

Looking for affordable housing in a suburb suitable for living with family? Then explore North Ryde – a well-connected, modern, and safe area of Sydney. Get a property here while there are options to choose from because this suburb is slowly becoming popular and families are already flocking here. This suburb has reputed schools, shopping centres, parks, open spaces, and much more to offer.

In addition, it is just 20 minutes from the central business district of Sydney, and the public transport system is excellent. What’s more, residents appreciate the suburb for its community spirit, friendly neighbourhood, and safety. North Ryde is witnessing rapid growth, and new housing structures have recently been developed. The median house prices of the properties here are mentioned below.

• House for buying: $1, 560, 000
• House for renting: $ 735 per week
• Apartment for buying: $735, 072
• Apartment for renting: $ 520 per week

Tips on How to Move With Family

Moving to a new home with a family can be backbreaking, stressful, and hectic because managing everyone’s expectations is required. In addition, there are more belongings to declutter, handle, pack and move. Here are useful tips by professional removalists in Sydney on how to move with the family.

• Keep everyone in the loop and get them involved in the moving process from the beginning.
• Plan everything, create a checklist of tasks to complete, and have family meetings to discuss responsibilities and delegate ownership.
• Take the assistance of relatives and friends to help reduce the burden of moving.
• Book experienced and reliable removalists in Sydney to handle your belongings and transport them safely. Professional assistance will also help save time and energy, which may be required for other moving-related tasks or supporting your family.
• Be prepared on the moving day to ensure your hired removalists in Sydney can complete their tasks smoothly, and everyone in the family is ready for the journey.


Sydney is a great city, but its fast-paced environment and hustle-bustle may not be ideal for raising a family. Therefore, people are searching for housing options in its suburbs, and if you are among them, this guide will help you know the best suburbs for families in Sydney. What’s more, it provides useful tips by professional removalists in Sydney to manage the move with family comfortably.