Best Way To Move: Moving Yourself Vs. Hiring Removalists

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Best Way To Move: Moving Yourself Vs. Hiring Removalists

Feb 24, 2022

Shifting to a new residence is a time consuming, physically tiring and financially draining process. What’s more, moving house is confusing and demanding because you have to manage a host of important tasks within a stipulated. Without proper planning and preparation, you can experience excessive stress, anxiety and sleepless nights during this time.

Therefore, many people delegate their packing and moving-related responsibilities to professional removalists in Sydney that can manage every aspect of the relocation. In addition to these people, there are others that plan and manage a DIY house move.

What is the best way to move – yourself or via experienced removalists? Let’s find out.

Weigh The Advantages & Disadvantages Of Both Methods

Start by creating a moving checklist to outline your tasks and streamline them according to importance and urgency. Additionally, create a budget to list ongoing and one-off expenses to determine what moving method is feasible for you and your family financially.

Once you have your tasks outlined and expense estimates, gain clarity and make an informed decision by weighing the pros and cons of DIY moves and relocating with help.

Pros Of DIY Moving

For a small scale move like shifting to a dorm room, getting a short term rental and others, considering a DIY move is common. However, if you are considering it for complete house relocation, here are the advantages.

It Makes Your Bond Stronger With Family: When you undergo pressures, stress and challenges with your family, you can feel your familial bonds strengthening. Working as a unit and braving the difficulties together is a shared experience.
You Control Every Aspect: The packing and moving planning, date, and time is in your hands. You can decide what to move and when. You can manage the process at your pace and control everything from A to Z.
Can Be Economical: A DIY relocation is more budget-friendly when moving a short distance with a small packing & moving load. You can monitor the expenditures & prevent depletion of savings.

Cons Of DIY Moving

Planning and managing every aspect of a house move is tiring for people with work and personal commitments that leave them with little to no time. Other significant cons of DIY moving include:

More Risk To Belongings: Since you pack and move things without professional expertise, your belongings are at a higher risk of misplacement or damage. Additionally, it doesn’t help if you don’t have moving insurance.
Delays & Inconveniences: Delays due to high traffic, poor management and last-minute packing are common during DIY moves. These delays cause inconveniences and elevate your stress.
Stressful & Hectic: Packing and moving yourself are tiring & chaotic because you have to complete them while taking care of various other essential tasks like changing your address, setting utilities, etc.

Pros of Hiring Removalists

Hiring professional removalists in Sydney is the first choice of people with demanding work schedules, small children, pets, or personal commitments that require their time, energy and efforts.

Smooth Moving Experience: Professional removalists have the expertise, experience and equipment to pack and move your belongings without delays, stress or inconvenience to you.
You Can Focus On Other Tasks: Unlike a DIY move where you do everything, during a professionally managed relocation, you can complete other tasks & only need to supervise the activities.
Better Protection: Since removalists in Sydney hired via reputed companies have insurance; there is better protection for your belongings against loss or damage of items. You can also get moving insurance from reputed removalists.
Customised Solutions: When planning a long-distance or interstate move, you can need flexible packing, storage, backloading and moving services. Professional removalists in Sydney provide personalised solutions and help manage your relocation partially or entirely.

Cons of Hiring Removalists

Usually, taking the assistance of removalists in Sydney reduces moving stress, increases convenience and streamlines the process. However, it has its following cons as well.

Expensive: When moving on a tight budget, hiring professionals is costlier than moving yourself, especially when managing small-scale or short-distance relocation.
Less Control: While some people like delegating packing and moving tasks to professionals, you can struggle with relinquishing control to strangers.
Must Book Removalists Early: You cannot delay or wait until the last moment to hire quality removalists in Sydney. Unlike a DIY move, you cannot move at your time because good removalists become unavailable when you don’t book them in advance.

The Bottom Line

Moving to a new house is fun and exciting only when you have everything sorted, from packing to moving your belongings. You must explore your options and determine the best way to move – do it yourself or hire professional removalists in Sydney. Thus, use the insights shared in the guide above to make an informed decision and manage your relocation without hassle or stress.