What Are The Biggest Risks of a Self-Move

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Problems during a self house move

What Are The Biggest Risks of a Self-Move

Nov 26, 2019

Believe it or not! Moving house is one of the most challenging events you can ever face, especially if you are doing it without any professional help. No matter how well you prepared your move, it is easy to end up with chaos when you are performing relocation tasks all alone.

From finding a reliable Sydney Removalists to creating a custom moving process, finding a suitable new home to packing household belongings, you can’t do it everything with perfection. You could get trapped in the biggest risks when moving on your own.

Of course, the DIY move allows you to control the entire procedure- from packing valuable items to hiring a moving truck on rent. Still, it can also invite some serious troubles that could damage your precious belongings. If you are also making the same mistake, then you should know all the possible risks involved in a self-moving.

Here are some of the biggest risks you will experience if you choose a DIY Move:

1. Damaged Belongings

Whenever you think of a self-move, the first potential risk that comes to your mind is the damage of precious household belongings. It is one of the most common experiences people face when they get into the moving process without any professional assistance. During the lifting or transporting process, you could damage your belongings because you don’t have prior experience as well as the right moving equipment.

On the other hand, if you hire trained removalists to prepare your valuables for packing and transporting processes, your items will remain safe and sound until delivering it to the final destination. Plus, they have years of experience in transmitting all types and sizes of belongings without any damage.

Professionally-trained people will take care of your precious belongings using advanced tools. Apart from this, they offer various insurance options to cover the cost against the damage of your belongings during the moving process. This will protect your valuable items and also give you peace of mind.

2. You May Lose Time

A self-move always brings some potential risks and losing precious time is one of them. Since you are relocating for the first time, it is quite easy to make the wrong decision which in turn, cost you additional hours or days. You will consume more time in packing your household belongings, arranging a moving truck and lifting heavy items. This could delay your entire relocation process. When you get into a DIY Move, you face the following scenarios:

• You need to convince your relatives or friends to assist you in packing and moving chores- which could take a lot of time.
• You will spend a staggering amount of time in arranging a moving vehicle before the final moving day.
• You will need more than a week to pack up your household belongings – something that professionals do it in just a few hours.

Many people opt for self-move because they want to save the time to find, compare and choose the best Removals Company in Sydney. However, the time you invest in researching reliable removalists often results in a safe and sound moving experience. This is it is worth to spend time finding professional assistance.

When you hire a reliable company, they will take care of everything and complete the entire process within a given time frame.

3. Damage of the Property

Needless to say, that self-moving has its own share of dangers. One of them is the risk of property damage during the shifting of heavy belongings from one place to another. The possible risks involved are:

• There is a good chance of damaged hardwood floors, scratched floors and doors, and broken tiles while moving heavy furniture without a furniture dolly and professional assistance.
• Dented walls around the tight spaces
• Damaged staircase steps, etc

If you don’t want to damage your property during the shifting of heavy furniture such as pool table, dining table and dresser, then consider hiring experienced removalists. They come with high-quality moving equipment such as furniture dolly, thick protective blankets and pads. Plus, they will take extreme caution while going down and up the stairs. Professionals protect all your belongings along with your property throughout the moving process.

4. Possibility of Physical Injuries

DIY moving not only damages your belongings and property, but also causes a physical injury while shifting heavy item from one place to another. You could injure your back or arms while lifting furniture, pool table and other bulky household items. So, instead of doing it alone, you should take care of the following tricks:

• Avoid lifting overstuffed moving boxes
• Use proper lifting equipment
• Follow the best techniques while lifting and carrying these items.
• Declutter entryways and exit pathways.

Tip: Take professional help while lifting your household belongings. If you are doing it without any assistance, then take the safety precautions carefully. Follow the basic rules to prevent injuries and accidents during relocation.

5. Higher Cost

Most people avoid hiring the best moving company because of their higher rates. Of course, moving is an expensive event, but it doesn’t mean self-moving is a cheaper deal. In fact, it cost you higher as compared to hiring a professional company.

From arranging packing materials to hiring a moving truck on rent, there is a lot of hidden cost such as extra insurance, fuel, moving equipment, road tolls and taxes, fuel surcharges, etc. that you will need to spend in the DIY move, plus there is a risk of damage.

On the contrary, when you opt for a professional removals company, you will have the flexibility to pick the most affordable solution that can deliver you high-quality service with a zero damage guarantee.


There is no denying the fact that a self-move can be very risky. You risk your precious household belongings, property and personal injuries. Instead of doing it yourself, it is good to do thorough research and find the best Sydney Removalists within your estimated budget.