Changing Address Checklist When Moving House

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Changing Address Checklist When Moving House

Aug 12, 2021 Relocation is among the most challenging and life-changing experiences for a person. Feeling excessive stress during a house move is common because you have to complete multiple tasks simultaneously like packing, finding good removalists in Sydney, decluttering, etc. The chances of forgetting to do important things are always high, which is why you need to streamline your work. Changing your house address is among the most crucial moving-related tasks as you have to notify the various government and non-government organisations. Additionally, you have to inform people in your personal and professional life about relocation. Thus, here is the only change of address checklist you will need to help move into your new house smoothly.

Government Organisations

You need to notify several authorities when moving house to keep your records, cards, Medicare, licenses, and other important things up to date with accurate details. Here is a list of government organisations or units you should inform when moving to a new home. • Australian Taxation Office (ATO) • Australian Electoral Commission • Australia Post • Transport for NSW for driver license, maritime licence, vehicle/vessel registration, E-Toll, Opal card & other records • Support service providers for Centrelink concession cards, health care cards, seniors cards, or others. • Department of Primary Industries, Firearms Registry and Game Licensing Unit if you have recreational licenses for fishing, firearms, and game hunting. • NSW Pet Registry You can manage the address change with most authorities online with your MyServiceNSW account. Alternatively, you can email, call or visit the originations or departments personally. Moving Tip: Hire best removalists in Sydney to manage your belongings’ packing, loading, unloading, and transportation. While the removalists take care of these tasks, you can focus on other moving-related tasks.

Utility Providers

Changing/updating house address with the following utility service providers is crucial to have amenities in your new home. • Electricity • Water • Gas • Internet • Landline phone You can get the contact details of your utility providers from previous bills. If you are moving locally, you can ask for updating address to discontinue services at your current residence and start them at the new one. Manage these changes promptly to avoid unnecessary expenditure or inconvenience later.

Education Centres

While planning a move, you have to inform: • Schools your children attend • The University or College you or your children attend • Academy or Institute you or your children go-to for advanced learning or acquiring special skills.

Finance & Insurance Service Providers

Before moving out of your current residence, inquire about the address changing process from the following providers and complete the task in time to avoid getting essential documents, notices, records etc., at the wrong address. • Banks & Credit/Debit Card Providers • Health, home, life, travel, pet and other insurance agencies • Financial advice or consultancy agency

Subscriptions Or Memberships Providers

Before moving, you should tell the providers of daily, weekly, monthly or yearly subscriptions or memberships for: • Newspaper & Magazines • Library • Clubs • Books, cosmetics, clothes and other personal use items • Gym • Communities or societies • TV Satellite/cable connections


In addition to notifying organisations, you need to notify people in your life about moving, especially ones you wish to keep in touch. • Family members/Relatives • Friends • Neighbours or community members • Manager or supervisor at work • Colleagues • Clients

Private Service Providers

If you are associated with any of the following private service providers, you should inform them about your residence change. • Healthcare Practitioners such as a family doctor, vet, dentist, physician etc. • Cleaners, gardner, housekeeper etc. • Accountant or Financial Advisor • Trainer • Legal representatives like a lawyer, solicitor etc.

How To Manage Everything?

Besides following a change of address checklist, there are many other tasks you need to do for a successful move. Here are tips for managing property cleaning, packing and other moving-related responsibilities smoothly. • Find and book reliable removalists in Sydney to entirely or partially manage your move. You can avail of their full-moving services or hire them to do specific tasks such as load/unload boxes, transport your belongings safely to your new home, provide a storage unit etc. • Hire professional cleaners in Sydney to deep clean your old property to increase its curb appeal or sanitise the new home to make it easier to settle in. • Tenants should book end of lease cleaners in Sydney to get their bond back in full. • Declutter before packing to reduce the packing and moving load for your hired removalists in Sydney. You can donate or resell things in good condition. • Create different moving checklists to streamline every process and prioritise tasks according to importance and urgency.

The Bottom Line

Moving to a new home is stressful and among the various things you have to do, updating your house address is a major one. Therefore, follow this change address checklist to manage the moving process smoothly and take the assistance of professional removalists in Sydney.