How To Choose The Right Packing Material And Moving Supplies?

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How To Choose The Right Packing Material And Moving Supplies?

Sep 01, 2020 Ensuring your belongings reach your new home without getting lost or damaged during the moving process is necessary and can be stressful. Therefore, getting the right packing and moving supplies should be a priority, but most people only get corrugated boxes and other generic materials. If your packing is handled by professional removalists in Sydney, then worrying about the supplies is unnecessary because the experts use the correct materials. However, for DIY packing knowing and getting which boxes, wraps, and padding is required should be a priority. Here is a complete guide by experts in Sydney with tips on how to choose the right packing and moving supplies.

Search for Original Packing

Before you visit the nearest store or start searching for packing materials online, try to locate as many original packing supplies as you can of various things in your home. For example, for electronic devices check if you still have the cardboard box, moulds, bubble wraps or any other type of original packing materials. The best way to ensure your belongings don’t get misplaced or harmed during the complicated process of moving then find as many original packing in good and useable conditions as you can.

Analyse Your Property Contents

Another important step to take for ensuring the correct packing and moving supplies are arranged is to analyse your property contents. Make an inventory after decluttering and deciding which items to take with you to the new home. Write down rough/precise (if known) measurements of the things along with packing materials you will require for them. For instance, you will need a flat corrugated box and foam wrap if there is a big flat-screen TV in your home. For getting the right sized box and wraps take rough measurements. Similarly, inspect other belongings and in the inventory list mention which supplies would be required. Suppose you have hired professional removalists in Sydney. In that case, they will create an inventory themselves and bring the right materials relieving you of the stress of analysing and getting the correct supplies.

Learn about Different Packing and Moving Supplies

Before arranging the materials, make sure you know which ones are available in the market and will be required for your move. Here is a list of packing and moving supplies commonly used by professionals for managing the moving process. • Crates and containers such as wardrobe boxes, corrugated cardboard boxes, pallet crates, plywood boxes, plastic containers which are suitable for small to heavy loads • Packing tape which is essential for sealing any boxes, wraps and packages that need to be loaded/unloaded and transported. Every professional removalist in Sydney always has packing tape on-person. • Styrofoam wraps, peanuts, and moulds for padding and storing a variety of things to protect them from jostling and damage during handling and transit • Bubble wrap is an essential packing material which is required for cushioning variety of household items, and it should be arranged in bulk when moving. If you have glassware, wine/alcohol bottles, antiques, and other special items, then you may have to get special or customer packing materials for them. If you are considering hiring professional removalists in Sydney, then you can ask them for personalised solutions at the time of booking.

Use Sustainable and Recyclable Supplies

While getting the packing and moving supplies for your relocation, it is necessary to purchase or buy things that are sustainable and can be recycled. Ensuring that the materials used are eco-friendly is important because already a lot of packing material waste ends up in landfills polluting the environment. Therefore, while getting pacing, supplies look for the symbol of recycling, reusability, and bio-degradability. Avoid using one-time use or disposable packing materials unless necessary. If you are taking professional help, then bore booking removalists in Sydney inquire about the kind of materials and supplies they use, whether they recycle, and are their one-time-use supplies biodegradable.

Be Creative

Don’t limit yourself by only using store-bought packing and moving supplies because there are many household items you can use for safely transporting your belongings. You need to be creative and flexible while packing as it will not only reduce your waste but also be economical. Here are some of the things in your household you can use. • Blankets, bed sheets, pullovers, duvets, towels, etc. • Cushions, pillows, stuffed toys, and other fluffy items for padding • Newspapers, tarps, plastic containers, trash bags, cartons, • Tote bags, backpacks, handbags etc.

The Bottom Line

The process of moving is challenging and taxing, which is why you need to reduce the stress by getting the correct packing and moving supplies. Follow this guide by experts in Sydney to know how to get the right packing and moving supplies for your move. The tips mentioned in this guide will help you irrespective you’ve hired professional removalists in Sydney or planning for a DIY packing.