Clever Moving Hacks To Make Your Move Easier

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Clever Moving Hacks To Make Your Move Easier

Nov 14, 2022

Did you know that almost 40% of all the residents in Sydney, Australia, are immigrants? This is because over 24.9 % of people from overseas move to the beautiful city of Sydney every year. With scenic treasures like the Great Barrier Reef, a warm and temperate climate, beautiful countryside and a thriving job market, Sydney is a hotspot that attracts many people.

If you are also planning on making a move here, you should hire professional removalists in Sydney to help pack your belongings. This will give you more time to find a place to live in Sydney, and you can inspect the property and start the application process.

Once you have found a place to stay, you can use the moving hacks below to enjoy a timely and stress-free move to Sydney:

1. Move On A Weekday

One of the most clever moving hacks that will make this process easier is that you should book your professional removalists in Sydney at least 4 weeks in advance and try to schedule it on a weekday.

This is because most people prefer to move on weekends and holidays and thus the prices go up. Plus, if you move on a weekday, you can unpack on the weekend, relax, and enjoy your new home.

2. Use Plastic Wrap For Your Drawers

Instead of disassembling and emptying all your drawers, you can cover them with plastic tape and wrap them. Please seal the cupboards and shelves with two rounds of plastic warp and ensure they are secure before your budget removalists Sydney load the drawers onto the moving truck. This will also save you time when you have to unpack your things.

3. Use Household Materials For Fragile Items

Instead of spending money on expensive packing paper and bubble wrap, you should use your towels, sheets and linens to wrap all your fragile items.

You can place your artwork between sheets and towels and stuff your jewellery in your socks. This will help you pack your fragile items and your wardrobe in one go and make your move eco-friendly and sustainable.

4. Position Plates Properly

If you want to avoid ending up with broken and damaged plates in your new home, you should place your plates horizontally in your boxes. This will prevent them from sliding into each other and breaking.

You should also use newspapers or towels in between the plates to protect them from getting chipped. Make sure you label the box as fragile and write plates so that your professional removalists in Sydney know to handle it with care.

5. Keep Your Cords Organised

To avoid spending hours entangling your electronics in your new home, you should use toilet paper tubes or wrapping paper tubes. Place the electronic wires and chords in the tubes and place them with the appliance it belongs to so that you can place everything correctly.

6. Cut Out Handles

If you are moving by yourself, here is a simple but effective hack you can follow. You should cut handles in triangles around ⅓ down from the top of your box. This will help you easily carry and load heavy boxes onto our vehicle, and the box will not be damaged.

7. Keep Your Mattresses Safe

You can keep your mattresses safe from dust and debris in the moving truck by placing two sheets all over the mattress on both sides. Try to get fitted sheets that will stay in place, or use ties to wrap the sheets at the ends of the mattress to hold it together.

8. Use A Suitcase To Pack Books

You should place your books in suitcases rather than cardboard boxes so that it easier to carry. This is because books are heavy, and you might injure yourself while picking up and carrying these heavy and overstuffed boxes containing all your books. This is one of the biggest risks of self-move and thus it is better to use a suitcase to pack your books.

9. Take Photos Of Your Boxes

Even if your expert removalists in Sydney have contents insurance to cover the cost of any damage to your household items, it is a good idea to take photos of the contents of your box. This will serve as proof of the condition of your items and thus help ensure you get compensation for the damages.

You should stick these photos on the box and label the box according to the rooms and contents. This will help to unpack as you know what each box contains and can organise your rooms accordingly.

10. Create An Unpacking Kit

Lastly, you will need to start unpacking over the first few days in your new home, so keep a kit ready. Use garbage kin and fill it with scissors, tape, tools and water, and a first-aid kit if you get injured.

Along with this unpacking kit, you can also keep a bag of essential items like medicines, toiletries, chargers and a change of clothing, so you have enough time to unpack your items without stress.


Once you follow and complete all the above clever moving hacks, you can easily move homes in Sydney, and the process will also be quicker and more fun. You can then start unpacking, unwind, and relax in your beautiful new home in Sydney.