How To Compare & Select Furniture Removalists In Sydney?

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How To Compare & Select Furniture Removalists In Sydney?

Jun 11, 2020 Packing, handling and moving furniture is the hardest among the varied moving-related tasks that are required to be completed for successfully moving out of a property. Whether the move is local or to another state, planning on how to relocate things like a bed, tables, couches, wardrobes, etc., should be a priority. Many people make the mistake of trying to shift furniture alone, which results in sprains and strains, cuts, bruises, or severe injuries that require medical attention. Hence it is imperative to take the assistance of professional removalists in Sydney who can perform furniture removals efficiently, carefully and safely. By hiring experts you can save time and energy which could be utilised for taking care of your family and completing other responsibilities. Want to know how to compare and select furniture removalists in Sydney? Here are some useful tips, have a look!

Search the Directory of AFRA

The best way to know if a company is worth considering is to find it from the directory of the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA). Removals companies in Sydney registered with this organisation are reputed and have to follow the guideline of the entity, thus ensuring their services are excellent. Therefore, during the selection process, find removalists in Sydney who are working for or associated with companies that are members of this body.

Read Reviews and Get Client Feedbacks

To know definitively if a removals company is worth considering for their services is to read the reviews they have by clients. Any company that offers good customer care services and its removalists do their work professionally will have a majority of good reviews and high rating. Get in touch with the company’s representatives and ask for contacts who can provide client feedbacks besides reading the comments by people. By talking to real clients of a company, you can have two-way communication, have better insight into the company, and make it easier to compare and select furniture removalists in Sydney.

Obtain Free Quotes

For proper comparison of rates and to see if a company is willing to provide its services at competitive rates is to obtain free quotes. Most reputed removalists in Sydney provide an estimated cost of their solutions by asking you to fill a form online or have a telephonic conversation with their sales representatives. By getting these quotes, it becomes easy to know furniture moving costs to perform negotiations as well since most reputed furniture removalists in Sydney offer their services at competitive rates.

Inquire About Protection or Coverage

While selecting furniture removalists in Sydney, it is essential to know about their insurance policies and the type of protection or coverage they offer in case your property contents are lost or damaged during handling and transit. Most reputed companies have insurance that covers the belongings of their clients, but the protection is minimal. However, they can help you get moving insurance via a third party insurer depending on your requirement and how much you wish to spend for coverage. Companies that are not registered or well-known don’t have the resources, connections, or paperwork to provide any guarantees or protection.

Make a list of Pros and Cons

On a paper or excel sheet write down all the pros and cons for every furniture removals company in Sydney you shortlist. Don’t make the list too long and preferable note maximum of five plus-points and five minus-points for each company. This way, you will have a database of all the furniture removalists in Sydney you are considering and can make an informed decision. In addition, note things that make the removalists stand out or more suitable for your requirements. Compare all the information with the help of household members, relatives, and friends for narrowing down the options to find the removalists best suited for helping you.

Ask about their Resources

Selecting a furniture removals company in Sydney can be confusing, but there is a tried and tested method to find the right ones for managing your move. It is to ask the following questions about resources. • How many trained and experienced furniture removalists the company has? • Are the removalists contract workers or employees? • Do the removalists have the necessary moving equipment to shift and load small-large furniture? • Are the professionals employed or contractually bound by the company licenced or certified? • Does the company run background checks on its resources? By asking these questions, you can make sure the professionals who will come to perform the move will be on time, reliable, and professional.

The Bottom Line

Since numerous furniture removals companies are advertising to provide the best services, it can be confusing and challenging to find suitable professionals. But, by following the tips mentioned above on how to compare and select furniture removalists in Sydney, making an informed decision is possible.