Complete Checklist For Moving Out Of State

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Complete Checklist For Moving Out Of State

Mar 04, 2021 Interstate moves are always considered as a taxing, expensive and time-consuming process. From packing valuable possessions and finding an ideal place to live to searching for the best moving options and making new friends, long-distance removals can take a lot of patience, preparation and planning. If you are moving from Sydney to Melbourne, you need to do research everything about the process so that you can move within your estimated budget. It is always good to take professional assistance from reliable Sydney to Melbourne Removalists for your much-loved household belongings. Apart from hiring professionals, you need to keep a few things in mind to avoid last-minute turmoil. We’ve got a complete checklist for those who are moving to another state for the first time. Let’s Get Started!

Moving Checklist: 8 Weeks Before Moving Out of State

In this phase, you plan things according to the available schedule and prepare for the entire relocation. So, here is the list of tasks you need to carry out 2 months prior to your final moving day:

Prepare a Binder

This includes all the credential documents, such as insurance papers, lease papers, birth certificates, etc, that you will need in one place.

Plan your Moving Date

Since interstate removals require a lot of planning, and it can be time- consuming, make sure you decide the date and day of your move so that you can find the most reliable removalists later at the most reasonable price.

Discover Your New Neighbourhood

It is always difficult to move into a new state – new city, especially when you have small kids. From finding a suitable home to a good school, you have to manage everything ahead of time. Make sure you visit the new place at least two months before the final move. Check out the housing options, schools, local amenities and restaurants where you want to live.

Prepare a Rough Moving Budget

Setting a budget for an interstate move can help you track expenses throughout the journey. Long-distance moves are always expensive so make sure you know how to spend money when you have limited financial resources.

Checklist Six Weeks Before the Move

In this stage, you have to implement your plans to ensure a safe, secure and organised move. So, keep the following things in mind when you are six weeks away from your final moving day.

Find the Best Moving Company

Make sure you hire highly trained moving company in Sydney which specialises in interstate removals. Ask your friends, relatives and co-workers who have recently moved and hired a company. They will give you a better idea. Make sure you research everything about the company and get an estimated quote before making the final decision.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Items:

Make sure you de-clutter the entire house and get rid of belongings you no longer need. Begin sorting through your household items. Divide all the possessions into three categories: keep, sell/donate and toss so that you can take only the necessary stuff to the new state.

Arrange Packing Materials:

If you are packing your stuff on your own, then you need to gather all the packing supplies. Make sure you have packing paper, packing tape, bubble wrap, boxes, marker pen, etc.

Notify your Utility Service Providers

Do not forget to call your current utility service providers and inform them about your relocation. Tell them the shut-off date as soon as possible.

4 Weeks Prior to your Move

This is a crucial time because you have to streamline the entire process to avoid last-minute chaos.

Start Packing

It is good to begin the packing process with seasonal or less necessary items. You can pack with the assistance of your friends and family members or hire professionals who can securely wrap your fragile items.

Contact New Utility Service Provider

This is the best time to search for utility providers in the new place. Provide them with your new address and move-in date so that they can get started with basic services as soon as you reach the place.

Make Travelling Arrangements

Moving to the new state involves a lot of planning because of the distance. Make sure you arrange your travel plans in advance. If you are travelling via plane, then book a ticket as soon as possible. You can also book a car rental as per your convenience.

Notify the Current School

Make sure you notify the current school of your kids about the move. When enrolling your kids to the new school, you will need to submit transfer school records. So arrange them as soon as possible.

Two Weeks Before relocating

Carry out all the tasks on time if you want to save time and money.

Arrange a Storage Unit

If you want to downsize your household belongings but can’t sell or donate, you can ask a removals company to give you storage options where you can put all these items in a safe and secure environment.

Have a look at Your New House Floor Plan

Make sure you have a copy of your new home’s floor plan so that you can plan things accordingly. You can prepare furniture for the move and correct measurements will make it easy to get through big items into the new house.

Confirm with Sydney to Melbourne Removalists:

Confirm all final details, date and other important aspects with your moving company for the safety and security of your precious belongings.

A Day Before Your Move

Prepare an emergency kit which includes everything from a first aid box to toiletries, snacks to water bottles, cleaning supplies to paper towel, toys to other important things. • Label all your boxes • Send inventory list to your removalists • Keep special items with you


Moving to a new state can be physically, financially and emotionally draining process. However, this complete checklist will help you ensure safe and sound Sydney to Melbourne removals in the most streamlined manner.