Complete Packing Guide For Short Notice Move

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Complete Packing Guide For Short Notice Move

Oct 07, 2021

Packing for a house move is a time-consuming and strenuous process for which you need to prepare weeks before the moving day. However, when you have to vacate a property at a few weeks’ notice, you have significantly less time to wrap and box your belongings.

Tenants often move out of rental properties at short notice due to a career opportunity, rent increase, mould/pest infestation, family tragedy, safety concerns or unforeseen circumstances. Whatever the reasons, moving within weeks is never easy, and you should hire professional removalists in Sydney to manage your move partially or entirely.

If you plan to pack yourself, here is a complete guide outlining useful packing tips for a short notice move.

Discard, Donate Or Resell Unwanted Items

Reduce the packing or moving load for your hired removalists in Sydney and save time by removing everything you don’t want at your new home. Get rid of trash, broken things, old items and belongings that don’t serve any purpose. Besides discarding your belongings, you can declutter or downsize by donating or reselling items in good conditions.

Contact local organisations registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission to donate. Alternatively, conduct a garage sale online or office to resell unwanted things and increase your moving budget.

Pack Room-by-Room

To save time and energy while packing, you need to manage the process strategically. Therefore, start packing room by room after decluttering or downsize. Wrap and box items from areas like the guest room, garage, basement and others used less frequently first.

Pack the living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom last to avoid inconvenience and ensure items of these rooms are loaded last on the moving truck. It is a professional technique removalists in Sydney employ to unload things of daily use first and unpack them to make settling in the new home easier.

Know Things You Shouldn’t Pack

Get in touch with your hire removalists in Sydney to get a list of things the professional don’t load on the moving truck and transport. Usually, these things include dangerous items such as flammables, toxic chemicals, corrosive products, cleaners, paints, fuels, etc.

Additionally, you shouldn’t pack plants, jewellery, precious items, important documents and perishable goods for the removalists to move. After getting the list:

• Make to use things you can before the move.
• Discard them responsibly.
• Give to friends.
• Take whatever actions necessary to get rid of them prior to packing.

Rent A Storage Unit

Renting a storage unit is an excellent way to move your belongings to a safe space and sort them out later. If you don’t have the time to declutter and pack all your belongings, rent a storage unit near your new house then move furniture, bulky appliances, things of sentimental value, equipment, clothes, and everything you won’t need at your new home later. This way, you can pack only essential things for speeding the packing and moving process. After the move, you can visit the storage to take things you need one by one and settle in the new home.

Keep Packing Supplies Handy

Don’t make the mistake of getting supplies as you pack, as it will delay the process, and packing will take more time than necessary. Get the boxes and materials before you start the task to wrap and box everything in one go. You can arrange used boxes from local sores, wine shops, neighbours and relatives. Additionally, order supplies online before you declutter to have them on-hand when you start the packing process.

Note: If you hire professional removalists in Sydney for packing, they will bring the supplies and reduce your packing time, stress and expenses.

Get Wardrobe Boxes

Keep your clothes and other items in your wardrobes safe and secure during transportation by storing them in wardrobe boxes. It is a quick and simple method for packing and will save a lot of time and energy. Wardrobe boxes have a rod for hanging clothes, hinged doors and sections to store footwear, accessories, etc. Even professional removalists in Sydney use them to store and move clothes, towels, bedsheets, and other items in almirahs. As per requirement, you can get small wardrobe boxes (0” x 20” x 34” to 24” x 24” x 34”) or large boxes 24” x 24” x 40” to 24” x 24” x 48”.

The Bottom Line

Moving at short notice is always challenging and stressful because you have to manage various tasks simultaneously. Among these tasks, packing is a major one, as it is time-consuming and tiring. To save time and energy, you should hire professional removalists in Sydney to pack and move your belongings. However, if you want to pack yourself, follow the tips shared above to complete the process without hassle or stress.