How to Decide Whether to Relocate for a Job?

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Is Relocating For Work Worth It

How to Decide Whether to Relocate for a Job?

May 20, 2020

Switching jobs is a way of career enhancement, getting a pay rise, and improving professional positioning. Usually, the job offering everything you want is within the city of residence, but what to do when the perfect opportunity is in another city or state? Relocation is a challenging activity that has an enormous impact on your professional, personal, and social life.

Therefore, if an opportunity has presented itself that you are exploring and may be willing to relocate for, then it is essential to consider your family, financial condition, cost of living in the new location etc.

How to decide whether to relocate for a job? Here are useful tips by experts in Sydney.

Ponder if the Opportunity is Worth the Move

While considering relocating for a job, there are many things to review before agreeing for moving. According to experts, the move should aid in career growth, and it should elevate your financial and professional status.

For example, if a persons’ current salary is $70,000 per annum and the pay rise will make the annual income $73,000 only then relocating should be avoided. Moving for a job that offers no promotion or only a minor pay rise is unwise because shifting to a new city is challenging, costly, and taxing. Other things to consider while making this huge lifestyle change are

• Are you and your near &dear ones ready to move?
• What is the cost of living in the new city and growth prospects?
• Is the new area secure and safer than your current residential area?
• What are the housing options in the new location, and what is the median cost of renting or buying a property?
• Will the move be beneficial in the long run for everyone involved in the moving process?

Ask Peers who have Relocated for Advice

Being unsure about moving for a job is a common dilemma working professional face. Hence, it is best to seek advice from peers who have taken the leap of faith and relocated for a job. They can answer your questions truthfully having had practical experience. Some of the questions you can ask them are

• Was the relocation worth it?
• How did they break the news to their families?
• How are the challenges they faced while moving?
• What advice would they like to give you about relocating?

Consult Your Near and Dear Ones

Relocating is a significant change that affects the lives of your family and to some extent of relatives and friends. Thinking holistically is wise because it will help you know what everyone impacted by the decision to move for a job has to say about the movement. Most job relocations require leaving familiar surroundings, saying goodbye to local community, changing schools of children, and much more.

Single working professionals may find relocating for a job easier than people with families, but the impact on near and dear ones is still significant. Therefore, every individual needs to consult near and dear ones before making a decision.

Talk with Your Partner

Whether you are married or in a committed relationship discussing the move with your partner is vital to know their reaction and what their opinions are regarding moving for your job. If your partner is working then moving will be a greater challenge since he/she will have to think about their career aims or and their willingness to find a new job in the new city.

In some cases, the possibility of living apart and having a long-distance relationship may be explored until you’re settled in the new job and city. Being flexible is necessary if the opportunity is excellent for career and financial growth.

Learn about the New Location

There are instances when people like their new job but the location they have relocated to is not ideal or suitable. Therefore, learning about the new city or state you may be planning to move for career growth is required to lead a happy and satisfying life.

Start by searching about the area’s weather, transportation system, amenities, cost of living, health facilities, etc. Check how culturally inclusive the place is, how welcoming the people are, and does the neighbourhood feels safe, and if there is a sense of community? If you have children, then ensure the location has reputed schools and colleges, modern childcare centres, green playgrounds, and a safe environment for raising kids.

Note: It would be wise to know if professional removalists in Sydney can help you move to the location because if not, then planning a DIY move can be challenging.

Research about the Company

Even if the job profile is good, the pay rise is significant, and the new city is excellent, researching about the company to know its market reputation, a foothold in the industry, and stability is essential. Also, it is crucial to get feedback from employees, stakeholders, and other people who are or have been a part of the organisation to know about work culture, company policies, and general reputation.

Don’t make the mistake of deciding to move or be charmed by things a company offers through the job. Be realistic and do proper research to know if the company has a future, and being a part of the organisation will be beneficial in the long term.

Things to do Before Moving

There are certain things to do before moving after the decision to shift for the job is in the affirmative for a successful relocation. According to expert removalists in Sydney, here’s what is required.

• Visit the new property you will be staying alone or with your partner and children
• Have family meetings with household members to share feelings and ensure everyone is ready for the significant lifestyle change
• Create a timetable to list all the to-do tasks, assign ownership and complete the tasks within a stipulated time
• Search and book reputed removalists in Sydney who can manage local and interstate moves economically and safely
• Declutter the house for reducing the number of things to pack and for the professional removalists in Sydney to handle and transport
• Host a farewell party for near and dear ones and get contacts of people who you wish to stay in touch
• Be mentally and physically prepared on the moving day and stick to the schedule to help the hired removalists in Sydney load all belongings efficiently and comfortably

Wrapping Up

Relocation for a job is a major life event, and it should be done only when a working professional is sure about the benefits. For people who have gotten their dream job offer or are looking for one for career growth, the question of whether to relocate naturally comes up.

It can be confusing and stressful to keep thinking about whether to relocate for a job. For people facing this dilemma, this guide by experts in Sydney has useful tips that will help to make the decision.