Education And Schools In Sydney: Moving With Children Guide

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Education And Schools In Sydney: Moving With Children Guide

Jan 28, 2021 Sydney is an international city where people from various parts of the entire country and the world reside. It is a hub for work opportunities, art, culture, entertainment and much more, making it a favourable and desirable place to live. Additionally, the city is reckoned for its amenities for elementary and high school education, making it a suitable place to live with your family too. As of August 2019, there were 2,210 government schools and 100 preschools in the city with the average class size of 23.9 students through kindergarten to standard sixth. It is no surprise that you are planning to move to Sydney, and you are not alone. Many people move to or within Sydney with children to provide them with excellent learning opportunities. However, moving with children comes with challenges, and most parents worry about finding the right schools for their kids. It is imperative to research education and schools in the city and explore residential properties for sale or rent, removalists in Sydney, and complete other moving-related tasks. To help you manage your move with your children without any hitch, here is your complete guide for education and schools in Sydney.

Things You Should Know About Schools in Sydney

Finding the right school for your children is important to shape their future and help them settle faster in their new surroundings. Search for the best school can be challenging, and you need to arm yourself with knowledge to make the process easy for you and your children. Here are some crucial things every parent moving to or within Sydney should know. • Public schools in Sydney require proof of address to consider your children for enrolment. The address proof lets them know if you are in their catchment zone. Thus, emailing schools before you have residence proof will not be fruitful. • Private schools don’t require proof of address because they don’t enrol students based on catchment zones. • Ensure you have a property you have bought or rented in Sydney to help you know which schools will be near your residence or office. Do check the enrolment zones for primary/high schools in NSW and read about how to enrol in NSW government schools or private schools. • Preschools are for children who will start kindergarten in a year. • Primary schools educate children from kindergarten to sixth standard. • High schools educate children from standard seventh to twelfth. • NSW also has schools for specific purposes to help children with special learning needs. In rural areas, there are central and community schools that teach children from kindergarten to twelfth standard.

Top Schools in Sydney

To give your children the best education and opportunities for learning, it is imperative to know which are the top schools in the city. • James Ruse Agricultural High School • Cheltenham Girls High School • Sydney Grammar School • International Grammar School • Baulkham Hills High School • Ascham School • Reddam House • NBSC Mackellar Girls School • Parramatta Marist High School These are a few of the best schools in Sydney, which you can explore for enrolling your children. Selecting the right school for your children is as important as buying/renting a suitable home, booking reliable removalists in Sydney, planning your move etc.

Documents You Will Need

To enrol your children successfully in a school, you need to consolidate a folder containing the following documents. • Birth Certificate • Identity proofs • Address proof to determine the catchment zone. People renting a property can produce residential lease or electricity bill, whereas people with a property in Sydney can produce documents like city council rates notice. • Visa information is you have come from another country. • Immunisation information according to the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register (ACIR) family law.

Know the School Term and Holiday Dates

While planning your move, keeping school terms and holiday dates in mind is crucial to make the shift without disrupting your children’s studies. Most schools have three terms and holidays between the terms about which you can gain information from the NSW Government website for education. If possible, plan you move during school holidays to ensure your children can join the school at the start of a new term. It would be prudent to learn about changes due to the CVOID-19 pandemic and whether there are any restrictions in the area you are planning to settle in.

Expert Tips for Moving With Children

The relocation process is emotionally and mentally taxing for children, especially if you are moving interstate or internationally. They can feel displaced, disconnected and helpless, either making them withdrawn or lash out. Here are expert tips for moving with children that will make the process easier for them and you. • Don’t keep your children in the dark regarding the move. Make sure you inform them about your plans, give them time to process the information, and support them with love and care. • Keep your children in the loop by sharing information such as where you are planning to move, how the new house/apartment will look, what fun things you can do as a family, etc. • Ask your children to help pick houses, look for removalists in Sydney, find suitable schools, declutter, pack, and participate in other important tasks. It will help make the process less stressful for them and keep them occupied. • Create a moving checklist to streamline your work. Many parents struggle to manage moving-related tasks and maintain a daily routine of children. With a checklist, you know what needs to be done, and you can plan everything to give time to family and get work done too. • Don’t hesitate to take the assistance of near and dear ones to help you pack, take care of kids, gather documentation, reach out to authorities and do other important tasks. • Also, do your research properly to book reliable removalists in Sydney to pack and transport your belongings safely. Don’t forget to get free quotes from removal companies to help you choose the best and most affordable removalists in the city. • Keep your children’s routine as undisturbed as possible to prevent them from becoming cranky, irritable, anxious, or stressed. • Present your children with opportunities to say a proper goodbye to friends and family members. Let your children choose who they wish to stay in touch with after the move and help them remain connected. • Do the needful for transferring your children’s medical records and keep documentation on-hand. Additionally, get your children’s health check-up done before and after moving to ensure they are in good health. • Pack their belongings according to importance and usage. Pack things they occasionally use first and things of daily use or requirement last. • Pack an essential kit for every child separately a few days before the move. The kit should contain medicines, snacks, change of clothes, comforters, toys, toiletries, and other things your children may need during the journey.

The Bottom Line

Sydney is an excellent city for educating your children as it has some of the best schools in the country. The capital of New South Wales is reckoned for its education standards, and you can easily enrol your children in a good school here. Use the information shared above to manage your move with children without any hassle and ensure they are enrolled in a suitable school near your residence or office.