End of Tenancy Guide: How To Properly Relocate To A New Property In Sydney

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End of Tenancy Guide: How To Properly Relocate To A New Property In Sydney

Oct 09, 2017 When you know in advance that you are at the end of your tenancy, you should start looking for a house move. Though relocating to a new property in Sydney is a tough job, making the right decision that can give a stress-free moving experience. When you are moving out from a rented property, you will need to take care of various things – from cleaning to maintenance aspect, packing to moving your stuff to the new destination. If you don’t want to trap into any blunder, make sure your tenancy agreement ends on a happy note. In order to reduce the stress level at the end of your tenancy period, you need to hire a reliable removalist in Sydney and follow some constructive house relocating process. Below are some useful tips that will give you a soothing relocation experience at the end of your tenancy. Let’s get started!

Plan prior to your moving day

You can’t achieve successful outcomes until you don’t have a successful plan. This means creating a moving plan ahead of time is very imperative to ensure smooth and stress-free move. Since you are leaving the leased property, make sure you create a list of all your belongings that you are taking along with you. If anything left behind, you need to contact your landlord again to collect your remaining items – this can be daunting and time-consuming. Therefore, it is essential to plan a packing and moving strategy 2 to 3 weeks prior to your moving day.

End of lease cleaning is essential

According to the lease property agreement, a landlord or a property manager reserves a right to hold back some part of your bond amount if he/she finds the property dirty or damaged. In fact, most of the disputes between the landlord and tenant occur because of cleaning aspect. If you want to secure your 100 % security deposit, make sure you hire professional cleaners in Sydney to give your leased property a deep clean within the allotted time and estimated budget. They have a great expertise in cleaning the floors, carpets, furniture, kitchen, bathrooms, patio/balcony, etc using right cleaning technique. Note: You should receive your security deposit in two to three business days if you have followed the process correctly.

Create a moving budget

Yes, this is an important step. You should create an estimated moving budget to get a rough idea of your spending. You should know how much money will be required for the safe and hassle-free move. For that you need to do a bit research, find out your moving requirements, moving distance and other influential factors that can directly affect your moving cost.

Collect right packing supplies

Packing is one of the vital processes that can protect your precious, delicate and beloved household items from being damaged. For proper packing, you will need the right packing supplies such as tape, packing paper, bubble wrap, boxes, permanent marker, etc. These things will help you pack your household stuff in the most protective manner. Also, try to think out-of-the-box and create innovative and cost-efficient packing tools using raw materials like an empty egg crate, clean socks, etc. in order to save some money on packing supplies.

Purge unused items

Try to take as less as possible to your new house. This will save both your moving expense and efforts. Make a list of items that you don’t want to take along with you to your new place. You can purge all those items in the garbage. If something is in good condition, you can donate it to a charity.

Hire Professional Removalists

Instead of doing it yourself to save a few bucks, you should hire professional movers that can help you get rid of all the moving stress with ease. You can hire Better Removalists Sydney for all your packing and moving needs. We are one of the best moving companies in Sydney and surrounding suburbs. Our packing and moving experts will take care of everything until they transport your goods safely to your new house in Sydney.

Key things to keep in mind after your move

  • Organise a final inspection with your ex-landlord to ensure everything is perfect.
  • If there are cleaning issues, ask your bond cleaning company to re-clean the property as soon as possible.
  • Return the keys of your old property to your ex-landlord
  • Ask for your 100 % bond amount in a written format ( via email)
Keep the following tricks in mind while shifting to a new house. Feel free to share your own tips below in the comment box.