Expert Advice For Moving With Children

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Expert Advice For Moving With Children

Sep 08, 2022

Australia has a highly mobile population, with over 40% of people moving every five years. Moving homes can significantly impact children who are over the age of five as they have to leave their school and friends behind.

This change in a social environment can affect the mental development of your child, and thus it is essential to approach this situation with caution. You can involve them in the moving process by letting them help the removalist Sydney pack their belongings. It is important to make this move as stress-free and simplified as possible for your child in the following ways:

1. Talk To Them About The Move

  • If your child is at an age where they can understand things, you should sit down and explain the move to them.
  • Having a one-on-one discussion is essential for them to communicate their feelings with you about the move.
  • This will set the benchmark for how you communicate with them in the future, and they will be more open with you.
  • This will also strengthen your bond with them.
  • If they are throwing tantrums or lashing out over the move, give them time and listen to why they feel that way.
  • It would be good to tell them the specifics of the move, including better opportunities, good schools, more amenities, good transport facilities and more.
  • This will give them a better understanding of why you are moving to a new home.

2. Involve Them In The Process

You can make your kids feel like a part of this big decision by involving them in the process. They will feel more responsible if you assign them minor duties for the move. If your children are teenagers or older, have them help your quality removalists in Sydney with moving the boxes. If they are kids, then let them pack their rooms in the way they want and have them label their belongings.

If you have any extra items, you can also ask them to host a garage sale with the help of their friends or donate these items to a shelter or charity. You can also let older siblings look after the younger ones so that you can concentrate on tasks like changing your address and paying all your bills.

3. Show Them The New Place

While your quality removalists in Sydney pack all your belongings, you can even give them a tour of the new home.

If possible, take them around the new neighbourhood and show them the parks, shopping centres, schools in Sydney and other highlights. Let them pick their room so that they feel more excited about the move. You can also introduce them to a few kids in your new neighbourhood so that they feel less anxious about leaving their old friends.

If your new home is too far away, you can lay a map and show them how far you are moving. You could also try Google earth to show them your new home from the outside.

4. Allow Them Space To Be Creative

If your kids want to decorate their room or paint it a new colour, let them be as creative as possible. This will keep them engaged and make them more interested in the move. You can even have them pack a few things beforehand so they can set up as soon as they go there. This will also make them feel more secure in the new home.

5. Let Them Spend Time With Their Friends

Your kids are probably upset about leaving their friends behind, so you should let them spend as much time with them as possible. Host movie nights and sleepovers at your place, take them out to the mall or watch a movie.

You can also create a memory box of all your kid’s friends’ phone numbers and addresses so they can stay in touch. It is a good idea to remind them that they will still be able to contact them even if they are far away.

6. Throw A Going Away Party

It is an excellent idea to let your kids say goodbye to their home, neighbours and friends. This will help your kid get some closure from the move, and they will be more open to your new home.

You can also take a break from all the hectic moving tasks and relax. If your kid sees you are stressed, they will also feel more stressed about the move. Thus, you should also make the most of this time and enjoy yourself with your family and neighbours.


Moving with children is not easy, but if you approach it the right way and explain the move to them, it will make it easier.

You should try some of the above tactics like involving them in the move, taking them to their new place in advance, letting them decorate their new room and so on to make this move a hassle-free and exciting new journey.