Feng Shui Tips For Moving Into New House In 2021

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Feng Shui Tips For Moving Into New House In 2021

Jan 11, 2021

Moving into your new home this New Year can be very exciting. 2021 has brought a lot of positivity and moving to your new home will give you a fresh start, which can make your life better. If you are moving house and want to invite good fortune for the family, you might consider using some ‘Feng Shui’ tips. Feng Shui is a blend of art and science that originated in China thousands of years ago.

The term ‘Feng’ means wind while ‘Shui’ defines water, and together they bring good fortunes. It helps to release negativity and invite positive energy in your house and life. So, one of the best times to incorporate feng shui is when you are relocating. You will need some time to understand and use it in your moving.

If you want to follow feng shui and accomplish the move without any hassles, hire the best removalists in Sydney. They will take care of your belongings throughout the process and save your time so that you can focus on where you want. If you want to follow the Chinese geomancy, you will need some guidance.

Here are some useful feng shui tips for moving into new house in 2021.

Select the Right Day to Move

If you want to follow feng shui, then you must select the moving date the Chinese Almanac. The date will be decided after calculating the birthdays of the entire family that will be relocating. The head of the family will have the biggest impact in deciding the date of moving.

The Chinese Almanac has a segment for this sort of calculation. It can advise you on selecting some of the best dates to relocate and dates that you must avoid at any cost. If you find the date selection confusing then consult a person who knows about feng shui.

Get Rid of Old Things

People usually have more belongings than they need, and relocation is the ideal time to get rid of the unnecessary things. The problem with clutter is that it is not a useful belonging, so dealing with it becomes a challenging and stressful task. And you should not take the source of any stress to your new home.

So, take some time out to get rid of old clothes, books, old appliances, electronics, etc. Organise a garage sale to sell these things or contact an NGO to donate your stuff, but make sure you do not carry thing that is not useful.

Prepare the New Home before Moving Day

If you want to invite the positive energy in your new house, you should clean it and prepare it before you move. You need to make sure that you are moving on the date that was finalised and everything is ready. To make things easier for you, contact a reputed removals company in Sydney and pay attention to the feng shui.

• Play music, place colourful flowers in the home and have a bowl of fresh fruit.
• Choose a vibrant colour for clothing on moving day as well as for decorating.
• Buy a brand new thing, like a candle, wall clock, painting, etc. as a gift for the house a gift. It will bring joy into your new home.

Enter your New House Appropriately

If you have hired removalists in Sydney, then they will unload all your belongings. But make sure that all the family members should not enter the new house empty-handed. Everyone should carry something auspicious that symbolises prosperity, wealth and good health.

You should also remember that pregnant women should not participate in moving day activities. Once your family have entered the new home, you should turn on the lights of all the rooms and appliances. It is a sign of preparing the house for future function.

Do Not Have Television in Your Bedroom

If you have installed the television in your bedroom in the previous house, then you made a mistake. According to feng shui, you should not have a television in your bedroom, so keep it in your living room.

The electronic aspect of the television and the energy coming out of it can be disturbing, so can hinder your peaceful sleep. If you have no other options but to install it in the bedroom, make sure you cover it with a piece of cloth.

Place Your Bed Properly

Feng Shui rules say that all the crucial furniture items should be placed in your new house in a commanding position. If you want to place your bed in the commanding position, all you need to do is to make sure that you face the bedroom door when you are lying.

If it is not possible, place the mirror, so the door becomes visible. Hire trained removalists in Sydney and instruct them properly about the position of the bed during the unloading. It will save your hassle of changing the bed again.

The Bottom Line

When you move to a new home, you make every possible effort to leave behind all the negativity, bad memories and expect fortune to favour you in your new journey. By following the feng shui tips that are mentioned above, you can bring in more happiness and prosperity to your new home and journey of life.