Green Moving: 10 Tips For Eco-Friendly Relocation

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Green Moving: 10 Tips For Eco-Friendly Relocation

Sep 01, 2022 Moving house is common, as many people to do it for work, studying, a better standard of living or ending a tenancy. Since you use plastic wraps, cardboard boxes and fuels for multiple travels, moving to a new home isn’t eco-friendly and impacts the environment adversely. It doesn’t help that Australia has a waste management/recycling problem because 74.1 million tonnes of waste was produced in 2018-19 & overall recycling rate is low, according to the National Waste Report 2020. Thus, you must plan & prepare to move sustainably to avoid adding to the problem. Hire professional removalists in Sydney with green moving practices and company policies to reduce their carbon footprints while managing house moves. Furthermore, follow these ten tips for eco-friendly relocation.

Avail Box Buy Service from Removalists

Most reputed removalists in Sydney offer box buy service, which includes purchasing the boxes in good condition used during your move. It helps reduce moving costs because you can resell the used boxes. Also, removalists reuse their materials to save costs and reduce the environmental impact of multiple house moves they manage.

Move with a Storage Container

Storage or moving containers are useful when you want to pack, load and transport belongings at your own pace. This option is an eco-friendly solution because you reduce carbon emissions by avoiding round trips via moving trucks. The standard size of these containers ranges from 8 to 16 feet, which is why you can get them as per requirement. Smaller containers are ideal for college students or individuals with fewer possessions, whereas large containers are suitable for moving contents of 2-3 bedroom homes.

Downsize Even When Moving to a Bigger Space

Most people downsize only when they have to move into a smaller home. However, you must sort your belongings and downsize every time you relocate to use less packing supplies and fuel. Therefore, give away furniture, appliances, and equipment to substantially lighten the moving load for your hired removalists in Sydney and decrease the usage of non-renewable resources.

Travel Responsibly

Motor vehicles contribute significantly to Sydney’s air pollution & since moving requires you to travel more than usual, you must use public transport as much as possible. Also, ensure your personal vehicle’s pollution emissions are within the permissible limit if you have to use it.

Get Creative While Packing

Use things you have at home to wrap and secure your belongings instead of buying bubble/foam wraps, packing peanuts and other packing supplies that add to our country’s waste management & recycling issue. Here’s what you can use to pack creatively & sustainably.
  • Old newspapers
  • Blankets & comforters
  • Bed sheets & pillow/cushion covers
  • Socks, handkerchiefs, hand towels & bath towels.

Purchase Biodegradable Packing Materials

Limit the use of plastics during your move by substituting traditional packing materials with biodegradable ones. Listed below are some examples.
  • Water-soluble & natural packing peanuts
  • Bubble wrap made with 100% recycled corrugated cardboard.
  • Organic fabrics
  • Packing supplies made with corn starch, mushroom roots, seaweed etc.

Hire Removalists with Sustainable Moving Trucks

Green removalists in Sydney care about carbon emissions and use moving trucks with eco-friendly fuels. Additionally, they run their vehicles at a certain speed to get the best fuel economy. Hence, before booking removalists, check if they have fuel-efficient trucks to move house sustainably.

Donate Extra Food

Keep whatever you can consume before the moving day, and the rest you can donate to a food bank. They accept unexpired canned and packed items such as beans, vegemite, snacks, ready-to-eat items etc. Thus, check your pantry for perishable foods to consume before moving and things you can give away to avoid wastage.

Dispose of Trash Carefully

After unpacking, you can have cardboard boxes, wraps and other packing garbage. You can resell or give away supplies in good condition. Also, seek the assistance of your local recycling & waste management service for correctly discarding plastic & paper waste to prevent them from ending up in landfills.

Source Cardboard Boxes from Local Businesses

Ask for reusable boxes from local bookstores, wine shops and retailers before buying moving boxes. Most businesses will provide them for free, as they don’t have a use for them & it decreases their clutter. By reusing cardboard boxes instead of purchasing new ones, you lessen the impact your move will have on the environment.

The Bottom Line

Over 46% of households in Australia have moved three or more times in the last five years, making it necessary for everyone to consider the environment while relocating. Every move impacts the planet, which is why you must follow the aforementioned tips for eco-friendly relocation. Additionally, hire cheap removalists Sydney offering green moving services for peace of mind and less carbon emission.