Guidance For People Moving During The Coronavirus Outbreak

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Guidance For People Moving During The Coronavirus Outbreak

Apr 07, 2020

Coronavirus has spread wide across the world and affected Australia severely where there are over five thousand confirmed cases with the majority of them being in New South Wales. For people in Sydney who are scheduled to move to a new home during the coronavirus outbreak, understandably there is stress and confusion. Moving under normal circumstances is challenging and one of the most significant events of anyone’s life.

However, the situation is not as bleak, and you can still manage the process because moving house is one of the allowed activities amid the lockdown. Here is a guide by expert removalists in Sydney to help people moving during the coronavirus outbreak.

Are there any relief measures for residential renters?

According to the Australian Government, the following measures are available for residential renters.

• Evictions are put on hold for six months for tenants who are in financial distress due to the impact of the coronavirus outbreak
• Renters can talk to landlords for rent relief or changes in the lease agreements
• People who are apprehensive about moving under the current circumstances can request for extensions as well.

Considering all this, people who are not severely affected by the pandemic have to honour their lease agreements. And, if you are at the end of your tenancy, there are ways you can still manage the move smoother and safer by being aware and taking professional assistance.

Can you hire removalists during the coronavirus outbreak?

Yes, as many reputed removalists in Sydney are providing their services by taking safety measures to ensure all the moving jobs are completed with utmost responsibility. If you want to look for reputed and reliable removalists in Sydney who are offering safe packing and removals services, then do thorough research online. Shortlist a few companies then call to know the quotes along with their policies for cancellation, refund, and rescheduling during the coronavirus outbreak.

Furthermore, inquire about the measures and precautions theses removalists in Sydney take to ensure safe handling and transportation of belongings. These measures should include maintaining optimum personal hygiene, having disinfected vehicles, availability of protective gears etc.

You can ask if they offer ‘contactless moving’ services, meaning you will not be present personally to meet the professionals and they will do their job via instructions you provide over phone or video call.

How to pack for the move?

If you are sure about moving and started planning for it, it would be wise to know how to pack your belongings safely. Make an inventory of things you will need at your new home and the rest you can discard or donate to a local charity (ask about their safety regulations for giving items during the outbreak). Ensure to lighten your load for packing and moving as much as you can.

First, check within your house what packing supplies are available. If packing supplies are required then buy new ones online. Don’t source used-boxes from stores, thrift shops, neighbours, or anyone.

If you are hiring removalists in Sydney for packing, ensure they have unused packing supplies that were disinfected. The professionals take precautions like regular hand washing or sanitation, wearing gloves while handling property contents, and having masks to cover their noses & mouths.

How to maintain hygiene during the move and what safety measures to take?

When moving there are a host of tasks to complete, and while performing them, it is essential to take steps to maintain hygiene and take safety measures. They are mentioned as follows.

• Wash your hands regularly, especially when you run an errand and come back home. To effectively remove illness-causing microbes from your hands, you need to wash them for at least 20 seconds.
• Only use a hand sanitiser when soap and water are not available. Carry a bottle when venturing out to complete moving-related formalities and sanitise whenever necessary.
• Disinfect the supplies you get online using TGA-approved products. If possible, try to let the packing supplies remain untouched for a few days to make them safe to use.
• For people who have hired removalists in Sydney, it is essential to ensure when the professionals arrive they wash their hands, wear necessary protective gear, and have disinfected vehicles, tools, and supplies.

The Bottom Line

Moving is a challenging and back-breaking process that usually requires planning and timely execution of tasks. However, due to the coronavirus outbreak, your moving process can come to a halt or experience hiccups. But, if you follow this guide, you can get solutions to your problems.

For people impacted by the outbreak, there are options such as rent relief and agreement amendments. As for people honouring their agreements and moving out at the end of the lease, there are safe ways removalists in Sydney can help pack and move your belongings.