Why Should You Hire Professionals To Move Your Piano?

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Why Should You Hire Professionals To Move Your Piano?

Nov 23, 2020

A piano is one of the elegant musical instruments that can embrace the beauty of your room and bring virtue to the entire abode. It is the source of pride and joy when you play a favourite tune on it. That’s the reason why it is important to pay special attention while moving your piano from one place to another.

Being an expensive and delicate item, make sure you pack it properly using high-quality materials. For safe and sound removal of your piano, it will be good to hire professionally-trained Sydney Removalists who have years of experience in moving heavy furniture.

Unfortunately, most people think that they can save some money if they move a piano by themselves. This usually causes serious damage to your piano, or you could even cause a serious injury while lifting it on your own.

That’s why it is important to call the experts, especially when moving across the new city. If you are still unsure, then have a look at the key reasons why hiring professional removalists for a piano is an ideal decision:

1. They Are Super Heavy & Need Proper Care

A piano is a heavy musical instrument, and that’s why you need special attention while moving it from one place to another. Depending on the size and weight of a piano, you can arrange the packing materials to avoid any damage. Here is the list of some pianos along with their weight:

• Spinet Pianos: It is one of the smallest pianos which weigh approx 350-400 pounds
• Larger pianos: Weigh around 500 to 800 pounds
• Grand Pianos: Weighs around 1000 to 1300 pounds

They are heavy items because of some internal components consist of cast iron while the entire casing and soundboard are made of hardwood. Due to its heavy-weight, you should call for the experts who can come fully-equipped with specialised piano moving tools and equipment, such as motorised lifts, and a moving dolly that will make it easy to lift your piano safely and easily.

2. They Are Quite Expensive

Pianos may vary in terms of shapes, types, forms and of course, prices. Even the smallest size of a piano comes at a hefty price. Depending on the model and quality, this musical instrument can cost from one hundred dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

So, your major concern will probably be how to keep it safe and secure during the lifting and moving process. Therefore, it is good to hire highly-trained moving experts who can relocate your expensive piano without causing any damage.

3. They Are Oversized

Apart from the heavy-weight, excessive bulkiness also makes it difficult to move your favourite musical instrument to the new location. There is no use of handling your oversized piano without any professional assistance. This could lead to serious property damage or even physical injury like back pain.

Plus, the weight is not evenly distributed – which makes it quite impossible for you to lift it onto the truck without any scratches. So, search for the best company which specialises in moving bulky belongings in and around Sydney.

4. They Are Fragile

Believe it or not! Pianos may seem strong, but they are extremely fragile and can be broken if you don’t carry it properly. They are one of the most complicated musical instruments that comprises of various delicate parts, sound and playing mechanisms that are very expensive as well.

And you don’t want to see broken legs or damaged keys when you open the box of your piano in the new home. Some damages are hard to forget, such as cracks, scratches and dents. So, make sure you treat it properly while packing and moving with the assistance of trained and experienced removalists in Sydney.

5. They Require Special Equipment For a Damage-Free Move

Moving a heavy item, such as a piano requires special moving equipment to avoid scratches and serious damages during the lifting process. If you are doing it onde your own, then you have to arrange all the necessary equipment that can make your job easy. But, you also need the right lifting technique to avoid any physical injury.

Luckily, a professional removals company carry the right moving equipment, and they know how to finish the job in a hassle-free manner. They will dismantle the parts of your instrument (if possible) properly and also pack them using high-quality materials. Whether you have stairs or a narrow front door, make sure you hire professionals who can do the job for you safely and securely.

6. They Carry an Emotional Value

You have a piano at home because you love playing it. Your sentiments are attached with this non-living item. You can see it in a damaged condition because of your silly mistakes.

If you are planning a move, then search for the best company that can assist you in relocating heavy items, especially pianos properly without any causing any serious damage. They will take care of your much-loved item and transit it safely to the new home.


These are some key reasons that will help you make the right decision when it comes to hiring professional removalists in Sydney for your heavy and delicate piano. You can easily find specialists who can move pianos and other bulky items from one place to another safely and securely.