House Moving Safety Tips Everyone Should Know

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House Moving Safety Tips Everyone Should Know

May 10, 2022

The moving process is not only stressful and expensive, but it can also be unsafe, particularly for those who relocate without any planning. Several people suffer from neck, shoulder, back and knee injuries while loading heavy furniture, appliances and boxes. These injuries can be very painful and could last for a lifetime. The main reason behind these injuries is overlooking the safety measures.

Therefore, before your move, it is essential to figure out the ways to complete your move safely. The last thing you want is to suffer a painful injury that can force you to delay or postpone your relocation.

People, who want to relocate safely, generally hire the best Sydney removalists. You should also opt for this option as the professionals have expertise in packing and loading all types and sizes of belongings. They not only prevent any injuries but also save your time and ensure the safety of your belongings. However, if you decide to go for a DIY move, you must know the right guidelines.

Read on to know more house moving safety tips everyone should know.

Do Not Overpack Your Boxes

You don’t have to pack 30 kilograms of books in a medium-sized box just because you can. Each moving box is designed to hold a certain amount of weight, and exceeding that weight might cause the box to break. When you lift such a box, your back, knees, and other joints may be strained or injured. Not overpacking your boxes is one of the golden tips to reduce the stress of moving. A small box can carry maximum 20 kilograms, a medium 25 kilograms and a big box 40 kilograms.

Disassemble Large Belongings

The Safest way to load and move heavy furniture and appliances is by disassembling them. Whether it is your bed, wardrobe, dining table, pool table or anything similar, it is advisable to disassemble them as much as possible. While doing it, read the instructions properly so that you do not have to face any difficulty when you reassemble it. If you hire a professional removals company in Sydney, you will notice that the professionals also follow a similar approach.

Wrap Sharp Objects Carefully

Knives, gardening tools, and other sharp objects should be wrapped and secured during packing and unpacking to avoid cuts. It can also result in unsafe protrusions of goods from your packed cartons. To avoid injuries from sharp edges, wrap these items in packing paper and bubble wrap. For further security, wrap the wrapped object in a dish towel and tie it with a rubber band.

Use the Right Equipment

Always use the proper moving equipment when lifting and moving large objects without the assistance of a professional. A moving dolly, whether rented or purchased, will make your move much safer for you and your things. Use a furniture dolly to reduce the pressure on your body and avoid injuries or accidents. Furniture sliders can also be used to easily move heavy furniture across a room without damaging the floor.

Wear Appropriate Clothes and Shoes

Clothing should be comfortable when moving, but avoid baggy or too-large clothing that can restrict your mobility or cause you to stumble. To keep as comfortable as possible, wear clothing that is breathable, flexible and weather-appropriate, as well as supportive footwear. Instead of fragile flip flops or heels that impede your balance and agility, opt for sneakers or boots.

Avoid Dangerous Items to Avoid Accidents

You must know what not to pack while relocating to finish your relocation efficiently and safely. There are many items that professional Sydney removalists would not move, and you should avoid them as well. Cleaners and disinfectants, solvents, bleach, paints, polishes and varnishes, fertilisers, insecticides, explosives, pesticides, and weed killers are some of the dangerous items. So make sure you don’t carry anything like that with you.

Keep Kids Safe on the Moving Day

Your major concern during the relocation should be the safety of your family, particularly your children. During the loading of huge appliances and furnishings, they may sustain significant injuries. As a result, you’ll have to keep them in a different room until the truck is loaded. Contact friends to look after your children on moving day to make things easier for you. It is one of those things your friends can help you with during a house move.

Use Correct Techniques To Lift Heavy Items

There is no denying the safest way to lift and move heavy appliances and furniture is by hiring professionals. However, if you are opting for a DIY move, you must know about the correct lifting techniques.

• Keep your back straight when lifting a big item. Instead of bending your back, bend your knees.
• Always push rather than pull when sliding a big appliance or piece of furniture.

Clear the Pathway

During the loading process, you should have a clear path to go down with no obstacles in your way. Trips and falls are dangerous enough on their own, but they become more severe when the surrounding has clutter, and you are carrying a large object. To avoid any catastrophes, make sure there is a clear way inside and outside the house.

Take Away

No matter how far or close you are moving, always make a detailed plan before moving house and keep in mind the moving safety tips mentioned above. If you don’t want to take a chance with your safety during relocation, hire certified removalists in Sydney. They will also save your time and ensure the safety of your valuables.