How Do You Organise A House Move With A Large Family?

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How Do You Organise A House Move With A Large Family?

Aug 01, 2023 Preparing for a house move is stressful, and it becomes difficult to manage everything within a set timeline. The process becomes even more challenging when relocating with a large family. From increased logistical confusion to the sheer volume of household belongings to pack, you may face different sorts of complexities when coordinating the specific needs of each family member. They may have concerns that need to be heard and resolved on time. The process may also disrupt the daily routines of elders and school schedules of your kids. This can also lead to an emotional breakdown for the entire family. So, you need to be extra careful to keep things trouble-free and smooth. Fortunately, you can easily organise the entire house move with a large family by considering the following tips and tricks. These tips will help you plan the process properly and boost communication to overcome challenges when preparing for the upcoming move. Let’s Get Started!

1. Discuss About The Move With Your Family

This is a crucial step when moving with a large family. Make sure you include all members of your family when discussing home relocation. Gather in a living area and tell them why you need to relocate and what key benefits all would get after shifting to a new place. Encourage everyone to share their views and thoughts about this big decision. It is good to listen to the genuine issues related to the move and find out the possible solutions. You need to be crystal clear when giving details about the process. Make sure you include them in important decisions, such as the best place to move in Sydney, the best time, the most suitable home and much more. They may give you good suggestions and organise the entire process. You can create a moving timeline for easy time management when relocating with an entire family.

2. Include Your Kids in the Planning

Believe it or not! Relocating to a new place is always hard on children. They may face an emotional breakdown when leaving behind their friends, school and old neighbourhood. So, you need to take extra care of your kids and listen to their issues during this phase. Explain to them why it is good to move house and create a curiosity about the new place, school and other amenities. Tip: Include your kids in the planning process and consider their ideas to make them feel important in the family.

3. Decide the Most Suitable Moving Date

This is an imperative step as you have to book expert Removalists Sydney on time to streamline the process. Since you are relocating with a large family, make sure you choose a time period that is convenient for all. Here are the important factors to consider when choosing a moving date:
  • Is there any family holidays planned in advance?
  • Is it better for your kids to move during the academic year or during the summer holidays?
  • Can you afford to relocate in peak season?
  • Do you prefer to move in the mid of the month?
You can sit along with the entire family, including kids, and discuss important aspects to pick up the right moving date.

4. Look For a  Reliable Moving Company

After notifying each family member and taking their input, you can search for an experienced removal company in Sydney. Do proper research, and consider referrals and recommendations to pick the right and most trusted company within your estimated budget. This also depends on the type of your move. If you are moving within Sydney, you need local removalists, and if you are relocating to a new state, look for a company that specialises in interstate removals. Read online reviews, check their official website and compare quotes before making the final decision.

5. De-Clutter Your Home

There is no denying that a large family gathers more belongings, such as clothes, furniture, personal items and toys; there could be a lot more to sort and pack. You need enough time to inspect the entire house- all rooms, cupboards and shelves, etc. so that you can manage everything in a streamlined way. Include all family members in the process and create a space in your home for unwanted items. You can either donate pre-loved stuff or sell them in a garage sale. It is good to ask each member of your family and slowly de-clutter each corner. You can look for charities in Sydney that offer free furniture pick up service if you want to reduce your load.

6. Collect all the Documents

Make sure you collect your family’s important documents and keep them in one folder. This includes financial papers, job offers, home loan papers, medical records, insurance papers, etc.

7. Arrange Packing Supplies

You need high-quality, resourceful packing supplies to keep your possessions intact throughout the journey. Make sure you arrange packing paper, tape, boxes, and coloured tape. Markers, labels, bubble wraps, etc.

8. Create Fun Packing Games

If you feel overwhelmed with a ton of packing chores, involve your family, especially kids, in the process. Give your kids a large moving box and see who will be the first to wrap all their toys or books. If you have elders in your home, manage their anxiety during the move by assigning fun chores.

9. Hire Professionals For Packing Furniture

You can book reliable removalists Sydney who can pack your large furniture pieces without giving you a hint of stress. They will come to your place with all the necessary equipment, dismantle your furniture, such as dining table, pool table, dressing table, etc and pack everything with precision to prevent injuries and damages.

10. Ensure Safety on the Moving Day

You can keep teens or older kids around to assist you but try to find a childcare service in your local area for little ones. The best part is that grandparents can also care for your toddlers when you are busy moving your stuff. You can also keep your pet safe when removalists in Sydney arrive because the process may involve moving large boxes and sharp furniture pieces from one place to another.

Wrapping Up

These are some useful tips and tricks to help you stay organised when moving with a large family. Follow these planning and organising tips and alleviate stress during the transition.