How Does Being A Minimalist Make Moving Less Stressful?

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How Does Being A Minimalist Make Moving Less Stressful?

Jul 18, 2022

Are you ready to relocate and need to organise and declutter your home? If you adopt a minimalist approach, you can easily pack and organise whilst moving homes. Minimalists keep the things that add value to their life and get rid of things that are not important to them.

Being a minimalist will help you quickly declutter and pack all your items in time for the local removalists in Sydney to move them to your new home. Here are some ways that you can become a minimalist while packing and make your move less stressful:

1. Plan Your Packing

As a minimalist, you should start trying to cut down on all your items, create a list of everything in your house, and analyse what to use and what not to use in your home.

Go through all your items and start listing them all and decide what you want to do with each item. You should sort all your items into the following categories: clothes, furniture, seasonal items, fragile goods, books, toys, paper, decor, kitchen items and gadgets and appliances.

2. Start Organising Your Items

Now that you have a list of everything, you can start sorting all the items that you don’t want to keep in your home into three piles:

  • Donate:

    You can start putting together a donation box or boxes of items that you won’t use but might be helpful for someone else. You should contact your local charity and ask them to pick up all your donation boxes. You should also write on these boxes that they are for donation so that your local removalists in Sydney don’t move them elsewhere.

  • Sell:

    You can also collect items that can be sold at a garage sale. This will also give you extra money for your moving costs.

  • Recycle:

    You should try recycling as many items as possible, like batteries, appliances and electronics. To know more about waste and recycling, you can contact your local waste management centre and have them pick up all the items for recycling.

  • Throw:

    You must throw away anything that is not useful and will not serve a purpose to anyone else. Keep a garbage bag or trash can ready to get rid of all items you want to throw. Get rid of all these items properly and ensure you are not disposing of any harmful substances in the open.

3. Speed Up Your Decluttering

You can speed up your decluttering process as a minimalist by adopting the following beneficial mindset:

  • You should get rid of things that have no value in your life. If it is not adding anything to your current home, it is time to donate or sell it in a garage sale.
  • If you haven’t used an item in a year, it is time to throw it away. Don’t just keep items because of sentimental value, as it will just add to the pile of things your professional Sydney removalists will have to pack.
  • You should eliminate items that make you sad, like a former partner’s clothes or gifts. You can make much more space for other things and simplify your packing process by removing these items.
  • Quality removalists in Sydney recommend that if you look at an item and don’t want to repurchase it in the future, you should give it away. This impulse purchase was a one-time thing and won’t be helpful in your new home.

4. Put Your Extra Things In Storage

If you don’t want to get rid of a lot of your stuff and want to think about some items more, you can always keep them in storage facilities for the time being. If you use a removalist in New South Wales, you should ask them about their storage facilities. You can even keep it at a friend’s place or in your car till you figure out what you want to do with those items.

5. Stick To Your Goals

Create a goal of how much of each item you plan to pack, and start organising your stuff accordingly. For instance, if you need to donate some clothes, set a goal for how much. It would help if you stuck to your packing goals so that you don’t have any extra items in your boxes.

As a minimalist, you must only keep the things that will make your new home a source of joy and peace, not cluttered. You can say that you need to fill two boxes with donation items. This will help you reduce the stress of moving and not hoard more items in your new house.


If you want to pack and move your belongings in a more organised approach, you should follow the above minimalist tips. You will be able to organise, pack and move all your items with ease.