How Does Moving House Affect Children?

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How Does Moving House Affect Children?

Sep 05, 2022 Having stable mental health is imperative to every child’s healthy and positive well-being. According to the 2013-2014 report, around 6.9 per cent of children in Australia experienced anxiety disorders. This percentage has definitely increased because there is much more pressure and challenges in 2022. Stress and anxiety can vary in duration and severity, so building a friendly and healthy relationship with your children is good. Understand the factors that can disturb their mental health. Home relocation is one of the most disturbing events for small kids and teenagers. The thought of leaving an old house, neighbourhood and friends behind and starting a new life from scratch can make them feel anxious. The process can be an emotional rollercoaster ride, and you as parents should support your children. It is good to book budget removalists Sydney who can manage the entire process and save you time and energy. They will wrap up your belongings, lift large furniture and load bulky boxes without giving you a hint of stress. This way, you can take care of your child/children and minimise their anxiety level as much as possible.

Will Home Relocation Affect Children?

Whether your children are happy about their new life or stressed, moving will affect them in different ways. They will be out of their comfort zone and have to adopt a new lifestyle and environment. Gelling up with a new community, school, and new surroundings can be challenging for many children. This can leave a great impact on your kid’s behaviour as well as development. So make sure you consider the effect in the middle of your moving journey and bring positive aspects. You can keep kids-friendly moving tips in mind to streamline the process.

How Moving Affects the Development of Your Children?

There is no denying that moving home to a new place, especially a metropolitan city brings new opportunities to your children but will also create hurdles in their overall development. As responsible parents, you need to make sure that they feel safe and secure. Create curiosity about the new place and explore the new locality with them. It is good that they leverage the benefits of new opportunities depending on their specific needs.

How does relocation affect your kid’s social development aspect?

Many children face difficulties making new friends when relocated to a new place. This can affect their social development. So, it is imperative to focus on the following aspects and cope with your kid’s social fears or discomforts.

Meet Your New Neighbours

Introduce your family to the neighbours and let your kids meet children of the same age. Invite them to your home and encourage your kids to play with their kids.

Take Them to the Playground

Do not forget to take your little ones to local parks and playgrounds where they can meet other kids from the neighbourhood.

Organise Housewarming Party

This is the best opportunity to invite multiple neighbours to your home. This will help your kids overcome social fears and make new friends quickly.

How does Moving Affect the Behaviour of Your Kids?

Young children love to follow their daily routine, making them feel safe. The known neighbourhood, friends, and activities cause no harm. On the contrary, moving to a new place can affect your kids’ behaviour. They may feel annoyed or sad after the relocation. Try to understand their changing behaviour and handle them with care and respect. Some children may feel irritable and sensitive when relocating home. Address their behavioural change and encourage them to share their emotions and views. Communication is vital when it comes to understanding children. If you are busy packing household belongings or other moving chores, hire experienced removalists in Sydney and save your precious time. Make sure you choose the right neighbourhood for your family if you want to upgrade your standard of live in a safe environment. After relocating home, you can expect the following changes positively:

1. Improved Personalities

When you relocate to a new area, nobody will recognise your kids, and they feel free and less pressured. The new and better environment can also polish their skills and boost their personality. That’s why most families with children prefer big metropolitan cities like Sydney, New South Wales.

2. They Will Become Self-Reliant

When kids relocate to a new place, they learn to overcome challenges and make new friends. This feeds positivity and makes them more independent and confident. As parents, you need to support your kids and boost their self-esteem and develop problem-solving skills during the home relocation process.

3. They Feel More Connected to You

Many children face anxiety and confusion when shifting from one place to another. In such a situation, they may need your love, care and attention. Be gentle and listen to their problems. This can help you build good relationships with your kids. They may feel more connected to you as well.


Moving home is a big event, especially for your children. This can affect their social development, academic development and emotional behaviour. Keep a check on their mental health and support your children and communicate while relocating. You can contact the best removal company in Sydney and surrounding suburbs for a safe and sound transition of your belongings. This way, you can spend more time with your family and kids.