How Much Does It Cost To Move?

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How Much Does It Cost To Move?

Nov 16, 2022 Are you planning on moving homes in Sydney soon and worried about the costs? Moving homes can burn quite a big hole in your pocket if you do not estimate your costs in advance and create a moving budget. This is especially true if you are hiring removalists in Sydney to help you pack and move your belongings. Therefore, to help you estimate your moving costs, you should first see the factors determining these expenses. You can then work on reducing these costs and create your moving budget.

Moving With Professionals

Removalists can help you to pack and move all your belongings from one state to another or from one suburb to another. If you use a removalist service in Sydney, your average moving costs will vary somewhere between $300 to $10,000. These costs will depend on whether you move from one state to another and from one city to another.
  • Moving Homes Between States

If you move from one state to another in Australia, your cost will depend on the fuel surcharges and kilometres. For instance, a move from Brisbane to Sydney will be around $2,600-$3,640 on average.
  • Moving Homes In The Same City

On the other hand, if it is a local move and you are moving within the same city, then your costs will depend on the distance. The average costs can range between $100-$1000 and are mostly determined hourly.

Factors Behind Your Professional Moving Costs

When you are moving with a cheap removalists Sydney, you will have to see the different prices of these services and choose the one that suits your budget and needs. Each removalist determines the costs of moving based on different factors that are explained below:

1. Size Of Belongings

  • The first thing your removalist service will look at is the number of your belongings and their weight.
  • If you have fewer things that can fit in a single vehicle, you can move on your own, especially if it is a local move.
  • But if you are moving an entire family home and are travelling a large distance, it is better to get professional help and hire removalists for this job.
  • Your family and friends can only help to a certain extent, and you might fall down and get injured or hurt your muscles while lifting all your heavy furniture and belongings.
  • Your removalists will give you an estimated cost based on your belongings and determine what moving truck to use so that all your items fit in one trip.

2. Distance To Cover

The next factor is the distance your removalist will travel between your old home and your new home. If it is a local move, the cost will be decided on an hourly basis, but if it is a long-distance move, your cost will be based on the kilometres covered and factors like fuel surcharges and tolls. Your removalists will also calculate the distance between their depot and your home and include this in your moving costs. Therefore, you should hire a removalist with a depot near your home so your expenses don’t add up.

3. Access To Your Home

If your home is on the top floor and can only be reached by a lift or stairs, your costs will increase. This is because this limited access will slow the moving process, and your removalists will have to use specialised equipment to access your location. Similarly, if you are on the ground floor but have a narrow pathway, your removalists will have to use a small truck and take two to three trips rather than a big truck. Thus your access will also affect the cost of moving homes in Sydney.

4. Moving Day

The day and season you are moving homes will also affect your costs as your removalists will be in demand on holidays and during peak season. That will increase your moving costs and expenses during this time as they will charge a higher rate. Therefore make your moving days flexible and try to move on a weekday and during the off-season to reduce your moving expenses.

5. Services Included

If you opt for a full-service move, your removalists will cover everything from packing your items to disassembling your furniture and loading your belongings. This will leave you with more time to cover your other moving tasks, like changing your address and transferring your utilities, but it will also increase your expenses. Thus, you must decide what services you need in advance so that you are not paying for anything extra.

How To Reduce Your Costs

Now that you know how your removalist services in Sydney determine your moving costs, you can reduce these expenses in the following way and make a budget:
  • You should declutter your home and donate or sell your belongings so that you have fewer things to pack and move and thus fewer expenses.
  • If you want only some of the services mentioned in a full-service move, you must discuss it with your removalists in advance so that they can reduce your total costs.
  • You should book your removalists as early as possible to get good deals and discounted rates.
  • Ask your removalists about any additional costs like fuel surcharges and insurance coverage so that you can estimate your budget accordingly.
  • Try to move the smaller items in your vehicle with your friends’ help so that your moving services have fewer boxes to load and can reduce your quote.
  • You can also keep your large and seasonal items in storage so that you can move them at your ease. This will also reduce your moving load and thus bring down your expenses.


You can now understand how your costs are calculated and thus try to reduce them using the above tips. Make a budget for your expenses and ask your removalists for a quote in advance so that you can start saving and planning for your move to Sydney.