How To Change Your Address When You Move

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How To Change Your Address When You Move

Sep 16, 2021 Changing your address is one of the first things you need to prepare for after the move is finalised and you sign the lease agreement or deed of a new house. It is a crucial task to manage along with decluttering, packing your belongings and looking for reliable removalists in Sydney. There are several government and non-government authorities you need to notify before and post-relocation. Since shifting to a new residence is stressful and overwhelming, it helps streamline your change of address process. Thus, here is your complete guide outlining the places you need to update your new address and people to notify. Have a look.

Create A Checklist

One of the most effective ways to streamline your address changing tasks is to create a checklist. It should be among other moving-related lists you make to manage relocation without hassle or stress. It will help you prioritise which authorities you need to notify before and after moving. Furthermore, the checklist will eliminate the chances of you forgetting to change your address with an important organisation.

Notify Government Authorities/Organisation

Refer to this list of government authorities you should get in touch with to change your address. Notifying these organisations is vital to maintain your cards, insurance, licences and other vital benefits, documents, policies and records. • The Australian Post • Australian Electoral Commission • Australian Taxation Office • NSW Transport Authority for updating your vehicle registration, drivers licence, opal card etc. • Authorities like Centrelink that manage concession cards, senior cards, compensations etc. • Medicare • Recreational licence organisations You can do a majority of the address changes online via your MyServiceNSW account. However, if it is not a comfortable method, consider emailing, calling or visiting the concerned departments or authorities.

Update TheNSW Pet Registry

This authority maintains the details and records of microchipped pets in Sydney, which is why if you are a pet owner, you need to update your contact information here when you move. The microchip of your pet contains information regarding the animal and its owner. To update the database, you can use the NSW Pet Registry website or visit your local council.

Inform Non-Government Organisations

In addition to government authorities, there are various private organsations you should contact when moving house. Here are some of the places you need to notify. • Banks and credit/debit card companies • Places of Education like schools, colleges, coaching facilities etc. • Insurance agencies for house, property, content, car and other insurance policies • Fitness centre/gym, library, communities, societies or clubs where you have memberships • Newspaper and magazine subscriptions providers. • Pay digital or cable/satellite company

Contact Utility Providers

When you change residence, you need to discontinue utilities and get them started at the new house. Therefore, it becomes crucial you inform the current utility providers about your change of address. It will help you determine whether you can keep getting their service or you need to seek a new service provider in the area you are relocating. Here are the main utilities you need to think about. • Gas • Water • Electricity • Internet

Inform Important People

Besides your near and dear ones you want to stay in touch with, there are several other people you need to inform about your move. Notifying the following people is important. • Business partners • Clients • Colleagues • Human resource manager and immediate supervisor at work • Neighbours

Notify Individual Service Providers

To maintain your records, files, cards and memberships, you must inform the following service providers. • Healthcare professionals such as your physician, vet, family doctor, vet, chiropractor etc. • Accountant or financial advisor • Fitness trainer • Lawyer, solicitor or any other legal counsel • Housekeeper, gardner, or cleaner

Know Which Places To Inform Before Moving

When moving house, you should know which authorities or people to notify before relocating to get mails at the right address, transfer records, continue services etc. For example, you need to inform your car insurance provider before moving to see if they cover the area you will live in and whether the premium or policy would need amendments. Similarly, you need to notify the Australia Post, ATO and other government authorities about the change of address before moving to have ample time to manage the process. While creating your change of checklist, make sure you mention which places you should notify before moving and which ones you can inform post-move. Pro-tip: Seek the assistance of professional removalists in Sydney to manage packing, loading/unloading and transportation of your property contents. It will reduce stress, and you can have time to complete other moving-related tasks in time.


Changing your address is one of the most important tasks you have to perform when moving house. You have to manage it along with other moving-related tasks to avoid delays or inconveniences. Therefore, hire professional removalists in Sydney to help you move plus, notify the places and people mentioned above. It is easier to maintain records and continue getting services when you change your address at the right time.