How To Choose The Right Neighborhood For Your Family

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How To Choose The Right Neighborhood For Your Family

Jun 17, 2022

Are you planning to move to the beautiful city of Sydney with its scenic beaches and pretty landscapes? You will be spoilt for choice living in Sydney as there are many idyllic neighbourhoods to choose from in this beautiful place.

Since you are moving with your family, there are several different factors you will have to look at before you hire a budget removalists Sydney to move all your belongings.

These factors have been discussed below to help you choose the right neighbourhood for you and your family:

1. Public Transportation

One of the most important factors when choosing a neighbourhood for you and your family to live in is the public transportation system. You will want to be well-connected to other areas so that you and your family can move around easily.

Pick a suburb with easy access to cabs, metros, trains and buses so that you can travel any distance easily. You should also pick a neighbourhood in Sydney on the school bus route so your kids can go to school with ease.

2. Educational Institutions

Since you are moving with your family, you will be looking for good quality educational institutions for your kids. It would be best if you looked at neighbourhoods in Sydney with a good amount of quality schools and colleges in the area. Please speak to the neighbours, ask them about the schools in the area, and talk to the teachers and principal.

You should also go online and look at the website of the schools in Sydney and see what kind of curriculum and syllabuses it offers and if they are the same as the one your kid is presently enrolled in. Also, look at the reviews and ratings of the different institutions and pick a neighbourhood with high-rated schools in Sydney.

3. Friendly Neighbourhood

It is important for your kids to grow up in a neighbourhood where the locals are nice and friendly. So, you should go around the neighbourhoods in Sydney and talk to the locals to see how friendly and trustworthy they are. If they make eye contact with you on the road and smile, they are a nice group of people and this area will be an excellent place to stay with your kids.

4. Crime Rates

Before hiring a removalist in Sydney to pack and move all your belongings to the best suburbs in Sydney, you must first look at the crime statistics and research in that area.

Talk to the local police station or check the crime graphs online to see if it is safe for your family to stay there. It would help if you also talked to the locals to understand daily life better and how many vandalism and thefts occur in the neighbourhood.

5. Parks And Playgrounds

When you move to a neighbourhood in Sydney, you will want to move to an area with plenty of parks and recreation centres so your kids can stay entertained. If the neighbourhood has a lot of natural beauty, that is also a bonus.

Living in such an environment with plenty of fresh air and parks nearby is a healthy option for your family. Your kids will also be able to make many friends at the parks and play with them to stay active and healthy. This will help them with their social skills and make them more communicative and friendly.

6. Family Entertainment

When you move to a new neighbourhood, you want to spend quality time with your family and make some good memories.  Living in Sydney will be a great experience for you and your kids and you will enjoy some happy family moments. To ensure this:

  • It would be best if you chose an area with many entertainment centres like theatres, malls, shopping districts, art centres, libraries, restaurants and cafes.
  • These are good places to spend time with your family and bond with them more. But you must also remember that these areas will have a higher density of traffic and noise.
  • You should look around and check the traffic and noise levels of the neighbourhood you like and let the removalist experts in Sydney pack your belongings in the meanwhile.

7. Planned Development In The Area

When looking at these neighbourhoods, you should also look at the future Sydney infrastructure plan in the area. Are there new facilities being set up? Are more schools and entertainment centres going to be set up? All these developments will increase the price of the properties in the area and make your home more valuable.


Now that you have a checklist of all the factors to look at when moving to a neighbourhood in Sydney, you can start your search. Once you have narrowed down the location, you can relax and let the expert removalists in Sydney handle all the packing and moving of your belongings.