How To Choose The Right Size Moving Truck

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How To Choose The Right Size Moving Truck

Apr 14, 2021 Relocation is a challenging and stressful process because you have to complete several tasks within a narrow timeframe. When you are occupied with so many responsibilities, it is possible to neglect a few crucial things. One such important aspect of the moving process is the selection of the right size of the truck. Use a smaller truck, and it can lead to inappropriate packing, which can possibly damage your belongings. Rent a truck that is too large, and your boxes will move around during the transport, which can break the fragile items. Therefore you need to plan everything in advance and select the right size of the truck. Many people prefer to hire experienced removalists in Sydney because the professionals bring along the truck. It is their responsibility to load all the items perfectly so, you don’t need to worry about the loading and transportation of your valuables. Focus on other essential aspects to make the relocation more organised. If you want to execute a DIY move, then you need should how to choose the truck. Read on to know more about how to choose the right size moving truck.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Truck Size

When you are choosing the right size of the truck, there are several factors that you need to consider. Evaluating the following factors will help you to understand your requirement precisely. As a result, you will make the right decision.

The size of your current house

One of the most crucial things you need to consider while selecting the truck is your current home size. Moving out of a three-bedroom home means you need a large truck.

The number of items you need to move

Sometimes, a large house doesn’t mean that you also have enough items. So, you also need to calculate the number of items you have. A large truck can carry 100 more moving boxes than a small truck.

How much furniture do you have?

To move your furniture safely, you need to disassemble them and pack them properly. So they are expected to take more space. In other words, the more furniture you have the bigger truck you will need.

The size of your new house

If you are relocating to a smaller house, you need to get rid of all the excess items. As a result, a medium-size truck can get the job done.

Take Measurement of Your Belongings

A reliable moving company in Sydney takes the measurement of your belongings in cubic metre (CBM). It is a measurement that is one metre long by one metre wide by one metre high. When you are looking for the right size of truck, it is essential for you to have an idea about the measurement of all your belongings. Then only you will be able to make the right call. The following are some common household belongings with their measurement. • A queen size bed and matter is around 1.8 cbm • A washing machine is around 0.6 cbm • A three-seater couch is approximately 1.5 cbm • A piano is around 2 cbm

Know About Different Sizes of Truck

The rental moving trucks are available in three different sizes. All of them have different capabilities, so you should know about them. If you find the process complicated, contact professional removalists in Sydney and let them decide the size of the truck required.

Small Truck

This type of truck has a total area of 14 cubic metres. So, it is ideal when you are moving out of a one-bedroom or a studio apartment. It can carry around 50 boxes and 5 to 6 pieces of furniture. The maximum load this vehicle can carry is 3,000 lbs. if you are relocating to a nearby place temporarily, then you should opt for this size.

Medium Truck

Young couples usually prefer to rent this size of the truck because it is appropriate for a 2-bedroom home. It has a total area of 46 cubic metres, so it can easily move up to 100 moving boxes and around ten furniture pieces. If you are renting this size of the truck, then it can carry a maximum load of 4,500 lbs.

Large Truck

You will need a large truck when you are relocating with your family. It is basically a standard choice when you are relocating from a 3-bedroom home to a similar size property. The total area inside the truck is 56 cubic metres, so it can easily fit in most of your belonging, if not all, without compromising their safety. You can move around 150 boxes and 15 furniture pieces in this truck and it is capable of carrying a maximum load of 6,500 lbs.

The Endnote

When you are relocating on your own, always prioritise the truck because it will be responsible for transporting your valuables. To choose the right size of moving truck, consider the ways that are mentioned above. If you want to stay away from all the hassles and mental stress of booking the right size of truck, hire a reputed removals company in Sydney. They will help you to complete the move smoothly and safely.