How To Get The Most Accurate Moving Quote

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How To Get The Most Accurate Moving Quote

Aug 05, 2022

Moving house is always stressful, as you must pack all your belongings and ensure they reach your new home safely. Therefore, it is a practical choice to take the assistance of professional removalists in Sydney because they can expertly box and transport property contents without damage or loss.

However, you must choose the right professionals to get quality services and peace of mind. Finding good removalists in Sydney requires patience due to mushrooming of small businesses boasting affordable removal services. Thus, follow the tips shared below to get accurate moving quotes and make an informed decision.

Carry An In-Depth Research

Instead of putting all your eggs in one basket, you must conduct in-depth research to find reliable and reckoned removalists in Sydney near you. You can ask family and friends for references besides looking for companies online.

After selecting a few removalists, read reviews to get an idea about their market reputation. Once you have a list of good removalists around you, call or email them to inquire about their procedure for moving quotes.

Don’t Rely On Instant Quotes

Companies offer instant quotes to users browsing their websites based on the data they share. These are unreliable estimates and you shouldn’t choose removalists based on them. Be wary when companies only offer to give instant quotes because they can scam you by imposing hidden or additional charges on the job date.

Therefore, to have the most reliable quotations from removalists in Sydney, always ask if they provide pre-move surveys to offer accurate estimates for packing and moving to avoid moving scams. Avoid hiring professionals that refuse pre-move surveys and insist on sharing instant quotes only.

Arrange Pre-Move Surveys

Professional removalists in Sydney conduct pre-move surveys to give the most accurate estimates. During the survey the professionals look at the furniture, electronics and other contents to create an inventory. Additionally, they check exit points, pathways, corridors, stairs and other things to know how easy or difficult it will be to move boxes.

After analysing the property and its contents, reputed removalists in Sydney come up with an estimate and share the quotes via email. These are personalised quotes which are much better than instant quotes generated online.

Let Removalists Know About Special Items

Pianos, expensive paintings, big electronics and equipment require more attention and care while packing/moving . Therefore, removalists will add additional charges for transporting heavy items and frgile items. If you have special items needing care and expertise for moving, let the removalists you want to hire know about them and get the quotes accordingly.

Inquire About Competitive Rates

When reputed removalists in Sydney offer quotes, they are not only based on pre-move surveys. Their service charges are based on rates of competitors because every company wants to bag clients by providing the most lucrative quotes.

Therefore, you must ask the removalists if their rates are competitive and they will provide you with a deal to beat the quotes of their contemporaries. This way, you can not only broker a favourable deal but also find removalists in Sydney; you can also refer to family members and friends.

Learn When Quotes Are Binding

Even after pre-move surveys, budget removalists Sydney don’t pressurise clients to book them as the non-binding quotes are obligation free. However, if the removalists provide precise estimates for the services and the costs based on the weight of your belongings and mention it is a binding quote, then you must honour it.

Binding quotes are shared when you are sure about booking a removal company, and they are the most accurate. However, understand quotes can change if you have surprise inventory or ask the removalists to move more things than agreed on the day of moving.

Ask The Expiry Date Of Quotes

Quotes of good removalists in Sydney can change, especially during peak moving seasons. Therefore, after getting them, you must ask for the expiry date of the quotes and decide in time before the service charges increase.

The expiry date also helps you know the time you have to compare quotations from other removalists. Thus, make sure to note the valid time of quotes and respond to the removalists you want to hire before it expires and rates change. Also, get the right estimates only when you plan to relocate and at least four weeks before the moving day.


Budgeting is an important aspect of a house move because without it you can spend more than anticipated. While budgeting, you must have accurate estimates of packing and removal services to determine moving costs. Thus, use the tips shared above to get the most accurate moving quotes from removalists in Sydney and manage relocation without financial distress.