How To Keep Pets Safe During A House Move?

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How To Keep Pets Safe During A House Move?

Oct 04, 2023 Relocating is a stress-inducing event not only for you but also for your beloved pets. Watching unexpected activity happen in their home can easily make them anxious. Plus, making them familiar with the new place will be a challenge in and of itself, as they’ll miss their old home base, familiar sounds, and smells. It’ll be a big task for you to keep them calm and, more importantly, safe. You can do a few things before and during the packing and moving, and after settling into your new home to make the process easier and safer for your pets. Here is how you can keep your pets safe during a house move. These tips are easy to follow and apply.

1. Safeguard Your Pets When the Movers Arrive

The chances of your pet running away increase once they see any unfamiliar activity and see the gates open constantly during the moving process. It isn’t a good idea to have your pets on the loose at any time, as that will only add more stress to an already stressful moving process. There are multiple ways to handle this situation. Before your preferred expert removalists in Sydney arrive at your home, secure your pets either by hiring a pet sitter or asking a loved one to look after your furry friends. Also, until the movers have completed their job, you can keep them in a secured room.

2. Pay Attention to the Signs of Motion Sickness

If your pets get sick whenever they get in the car or fill up the bucket with their drool, it is more than possible they are suffering from motion sickness. As a part of your plan for the move, especially if it is a long journey, it is recommended not to feed your pets for at least 3 hours before travelling. But let them drink water. Additionally, leaving the windows open helps to balance air pressure, preventing motion sickness. For severe sickness, it is best to contact the veterinarian to find suitable medicine options.

3. Ensure Your Pets are Cool & Hydrated

I f you are moving in the summer months, it is vital to keep your pets cool. Fill a non-spill water bowl with water and carry it with you on the drive. Make it a part of your moving checklist to avoid overlooking this aspect. Furthermore, during the service station or any other stops, ensure your dog isn’t unattended. The temperature rises rapidly in cars, and since pets can’t regulate their temperature like humans, it can lead to serious illness within ten minutes. So, looking after them is essential.

4. Limit the Pet’s Movement

Once the professional removalists in Sydney have loaded all your stuff and are on their way to the new location, it is time for your family and pets to start the journey. The pets must stay safe during this process. You can ask your children to take charge of their well-being if you are moving with kids. It is highly recommended to secure your pets using pet restraints during travel to avoid distractions while driving and reduce the risk of injury. It will also stop them from becoming risky projectiles in case of an emergency. Dog and cat seatbelts are available for this purpose. For maximum protection, ensure the product you choose is crash-test certified.

5. Keep the Household Items Out of Reach

Once you have entered your new home with the help of expert removalists in Sydney, it might get tempting for you to let go of the pet restraint and give the pets free rein. But before you do that, it is crucial to ensure the household hazards are out of the pet’s reach. Here are a few things you can do after unpacking efficiently:
  • Eliminate things like solvents, pesticides, and antifreeze
  • Restrict access to plants poisonous to pets
  • Keep cleaning products and supplies out of pet’s reach
  • Secure the window screens and backyard fence

6. Update the Pet’s Microchip

Because of how time-consuming and stressful moving is, it is easy to forget certain things when creating your to-do list. One such thing is updating your pet’s microchip data. This task is very important because if your pets run away from the new house and get lost, then they are unlikely to find their way back. To ensure this doesn’t happen, update the address and contact details on the chip. It’s fairly easy and won’t take more than 10 – 15 minutes.

Wrapping Up

Moving comes with its own sets of challenges and tasks, one of them is ensuring the safety of your pets. It should be your priority to look after them, especially during the phase when removalists in Sydney arrive, as seeing their unfamiliar faces can make your pets anxious. But if you follow the tips provided in this article, then your pets will be safe and healthy at all times during the move.