How To Load Your Moving Truck Efficiently

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How To Load Your Moving Truck Efficiently

Aug 30, 2022

One of the most challenging tasks during a DIY move is loading the truck efficiently. From large furniture and heavy appliances to electronics, clothes and fragile items, there are too many things to load.

That makes the relocation process highly stressful, particularly for first-timers. Inappropriate loading of your belongings not only makes the task more difficult and time-consuming but can also lead to severe spinal cord injury. Besides, it also increases the chance of damaging fragile items.

That is why most people prefer to hire trained removalists Sydney. They have a lot of experience and expertise in loading the truck in the best possible manner. If you are moving on a tight budget, then you must know the correct technique to load the truck. It will keep your belongings safe and make the unloading process much easier.

Read on to know about how to load your moving truck efficiently.

Step 1: Select the Correct Size of Truck

If you want to load your moving truck efficiently, the first thing you need to do is understand your requirement and choose the correct truck size. A large-size truck could be a waste of space, whereas a small truck might not be enough for your things. As a result, you will have to look for another one at the last minute.

A small truck has a space of 14 cubic metres, and it can carry up to a load of 3,000 pounds. A medium-sized truck has 46 cubic metres of space and is enough to load belongings of a two-bedroom house. If you have a three-bedroom house, then you need a large truck that has space of 56 cubic metres of space.

Step 2: Make Sure You Have All Essential Loading Equipment

Make sure you have all of the necessary equipment before you start loading your truck. The equipment includes sliders, shoulder dollies, furniture dollies, blankets and pads, forearm forklifts, utility dollies, elastic straps, etc.

It is one of the basic things to consider while relocating. The equipment will ensure that you load the heavy furniture, appliances, and boxes into the truck without difficulty.

Step 3: Disassemble Large Furniture and Appliances

Loading the large furniture and appliances into the truck is difficult because it takes up a lot of room. That is why you need to find out ways that can help you to create more space for other belongings. The easiest and the best way to do so is by disassembling the furniture and appliances as much as possible.

When you disassemble furniture, you evenly distribute the overall weight of heavy furniture. You can detach the legs of the dining table, dressers, bed frames and headboards, etc. It is advisable to contact the manufacturer or supplier in case you don’t know how to disassemble the furniture. You can also hire a professional removalists Sydney, NSW. They can save time and energy.

Step 4: Load Heaviest and Largest Items First

Always start loading your truck with the items that are heaviest and largest. It includes refrigerators, dining tables, bed frames, couches, and so on. Such items must be at the bottom of everything else. If you place them on top of other cardboard boxes, they will most likely crush the items inside.

Do not forget to keep them towards the front of the truck, just behind the driver. It is the safest place for your heavy items because the jerks will be minimal in this spot. People usually do not follow this approach when they move on their own and, as a result, end up damaging their things. It is one of the biggest risks of a self-move.

Step 5: Place Things in an Upright Position

When large furniture and its parts are placed horizontally, they can take up more space in a moving truck. So, keep them in a vertical position to save more space. It includes all couches, headboards, tables and other furniture.

You should also protect the items by wrapping them in extra padding. To protect upholstered couches, use blankets or moving plastic wrap. If you hire the best removalists in Sydney, you will notice that they follow a similar approach.

Step 6: Roll Up the Carpets

When you load the carpets and rugs in the truck, roll them up and wrap them in plastic. It will protect them and create more space in the truck. Before you pack the carpet, make sure the surface of the carpet is free of dust, dirt, stains, odours and moulds. When rolling up your rug, the top side must remain outwards. After that, tie it properly and place it upright.

Step 7: Load Lightest Things at Last

Finally, it is time to pack medium and lightweight items such as photographs, televisions, mirrors, kitchen glassware, clothing, etc. Before loading fragile items, ensure they are perfectly packed, and the box is labelled.


The safety of your belongings during relocation largely depends on how perfectly and safely your load them into the truck. So, the next time you decide to relocate, make a detailed plan before relocating to your new place and follow the aforementioned tips.

To complete the relocation in a hassle-free manner, contact a reliable moving company in Sydney. They will save a lot of time and also ensure the safety of your valuables.