How To Move A Refrigerator Safely

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How To Move A Refrigerator Safely

Mar 17, 2023 Refrigerators are among the most important appliances in a home because they are necessary for maintaining food safety. The appliance can keep food below 5°C reducing the risk of food poisoning and food waste. What’s more, the appliance is expensive, and damage to it during a house move can put you through financial distress. Therefore, you have to pack and move a refrigerator safely to avoid monetary loss, especially when you are moving on a tight budget. You can hire professional removalists in Sydney to transport your furniture, large appliances, homeware and other personal/household contents. However, if you plan to do it yourself without hassle or injury, you need guidance to pack and move a refrigerator carefully. Thus, here is your complete guide on how to shift the appliance expertly.

Empty & Clean the Refrigerator

Once the moving date is set, you have to get the best packing materials and move this appliance a day before the move to ensure you can still use it to store food and prevent it from spoiling. Aim to ration the food to avoid buying more than you can consume before moving and take care of the food already in your fridge and freezer. Once the appliance is empty, get a microfiber cloth, a bucket with warm water, dishwashing liquid and vinegar to clean it. You must turn off the power supply and defrost it completely before cleaning the fridge to avoid electrocution.

Keep Your Moving Equipment Ready When Shifting the Refrigerator

Since it is a large appliance, you will need a moving dolly, harnesses, sliders and straps to keep the refrigerator secure during handling. Professional removalists in Sydney use high-performance and quality moving equipment to ensure moving boxes, furniture, and appliances don’t topple. These equipment will reduce your chances of getting fractures, sprains, muscle pulls and other injuries caused by contact with objects. In addition to the moving equipment, also keep a screwdriver, drill, tape, rope and knife, as they can come in handy.

Measure the Fridge To Make a Moving Plan

Measuring the refrigerator is a wise and practical idea because you need to buy moving blankets big enough to cover it. Additionally, it will give you an idea of how much plastic wrap you will need to secure the moving blanket. The measurements will also help you know if the appliance can fit through the doors in your current and new home and its pathways and stairs. This step helps protect the doors & door frames when moving in addition to the things being moved.

Handle & Move The Refrigerator Correctly

Understand moving the fridge is not a one-person job, and you will need help from a household member, friend or neighbour. Also, you must wear personal protective equipment like gloves, shoes and overalls to prevent cuts, scrapes and bruises during the move. Additionally, keep the following tips in mind to move your refrigerator like a professional Sydney removalist.
  • To pack a refrigerator, secure its doors via the locks or an elastic strap with tight clasps. Next, cover the fridge with a moving blanket and secure it with plastic wrap and packing tape. Ensure the corners are covered, as they can get damaged if bumped against a wall, baseboard, stairs or the surfaces of the moving truck.
  • Clear any obstacles from your path. Whether you are moving the fridge to the garage or taking it to the moving truck, your way must be clear of any non-living object. If you and kids and pets, keep them out of the way too.
  • If you are moving the appliance manually with another person, make sure to hold it at a 45° angle. Person A should hold it from the top, and person B should it hold it from the bottom. Both people should be facing each other and move in unison to take the appliance across the room, down the stairs or up the moving truck.
  • If you are using a dolly, keep the refrigerator on its back and tilt at a slight angle while moving the dolly. Don’t keep the dolly straight because the appliance can topple forwards.
  • While lifting or shifting large appliances, keep your knees bent and back straight to avoid injuries and accidents. Additionally, never try to pick up heavy objects with your arms. Use the strength of your legs and support the items with your stomach.
  • Since a refrigerator is heavy, avoid lifting it alone. If you have to move it alone, use a dolly or furniture sliders to push it across the room or out of the house.
  • When you load the refrigerator on the moving truck, keep it against a wall and secure it with a strap or bungee cord. Also, keep breathing space between the appliance and the moving boxes.
If moving the refrigerator or other bulky items in your home is too much of a hassle, or you lack the time and energy, it’s best to hire professional removalists in Sydney to do it for you.

Wrapping Up

Relocating to a new home is challenging, and it can seem even more stressful when you have to move the refrigerator. Thus, use this guide to know how to prepare for the task and move the fridge without the hassle of injury. However, if you don’t want to take the stress of moving your belongings, take the assistance of professional removalists.