How To Move Houseplants To Your New Home

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How To Move Houseplants To Your New Home

Mar 26, 2021

Relocating to a new home is fun and exciting, but the stress of managing the process can spoil the excitement. Moving is never easy as you have to complete a variety of tasks within a stipulated time. The process can take more time and effort if you have delicate items like plants to move.

Many people living in rented properties with plants leave without taking them along, but for plant lovers, it is harder, and they choose to relocate with them. Packing and transporting plants can be challenging, and you have to inform your hired removalists in Sydney to handle them appropriately. Here are some professional tips on how to move houseplants to your new home without any hassle or stress.

Inspect Your Plants for Pests and Diseases

Keeping biosecurity in mind is important for preserving the native plants in Sydney. Therefore, before moving especially to a new suburb or locality, ensure the plants you wish to take along are healthy and free of insect pests and plant diseases. If you cannot determine whether your houseplants are safe to move, take the assistance of a professional gardener and plant sellers. You can seek advice for packing and moving from the professionals and ask if any plants would require extra care and attention during the journey.

Get the Right Packing Supplies

If the boxes are not of the right size or sturdy, your plants are at risk of becoming bent and getting damaged. The pots can sustain cracks, scratches or, worse irreparable damage if they are not packed and handled correctly. To pack your houseplants securely and make it hassle-free for your removalists in Sydney to load and transport them, here are the things you will need.

• Boxes of different sizes
• Newspaper, packing peanuts, or shredded paper
• Bubble and foam wrap
• High-strength packing tape and plastic bags
• Styrofoam moulds (optional)
• Rubber bands (optional)

How to Pack Houseplants?

Packing houseplants is not as daunting when you know what to do. Here are tips by professionals to help you secure your beloved green friends for moving when your hired removalists in Sydney arrive.

• Prepare your plants for the move by trimming dead leaves and branches. Also, manure them and check the quality of the soil. If possible, try to avoid moving plants during summers as the chances of damage increase substantially.
• Follow the rule of one box one plant to prevent crowding and knocking of pots against one another during transit.
• Before placing the pots in boxes, encase them in plastic bags to prevent soil from spilling and trap moisture. Also, tape the boxes at the bottom for added safety.
• Place the plant in the box in a Styrofoam mould (preferably) or wrap with bubble/foam wrap. Fill the extra space with newspaper/packing peanuts/shredded paper.
• If possible, keep the boxes open or punch holes at the top to allow plants to breathe.
• Label the boxes adequately to let your hired removalists in Sydney know they are handling ‘Live Plants’ and ‘Delicate Items’.

Manage the Packing and Moving Process Responsibly

Houseplants are fragile items that need tender love and care during packing and moving. Rushing the process can be stressful for your green friends, and the chances of making mistakes are higher.

Therefore, take the required time to wrap, place, pack your household and each houseplant and label all boxes correctly. When your hired removalists in Sydney arrive with the moving truck, ensure these boxes are loaded last and unloaded first. Also, don’t delay the unpacking of houseplants, especially after a long-distance move.

Move Your Plants Later

In case your moving load is substantial, or you lack time to pack your houseplants carefully, then you can move them later. Leave your plants under the care of family members, friends, or trusted neighbours and come back for them a few days after you have settled in your new home. When you come later, you will have the time and energy to pack your plants correctly and take them along without any hassle or challenge.

If you plan of doing this activity, it would be practical to declutter and only select the plants you can take care of and have space for in your new home.

The Bottom Line

Moving is a stressful and back-breaking activity during which you have to complete various tasks simultaneously. During this time, moving delicate items like houseplants can add to the burden of house relocation.

To reduce the load and save yourself and your hired removalists in Sydney from the effort, it would be best to follow the tips mentioned above to move house plants to your new home. Follow these tips by experts to pack and transport your lovely green friends securely and safely without delays or issues.